Fl NACHI - What have you done for me lately?

I think Zoe is in charge of Fl NACHI. I am not being mean, condescending and not argumentative, but besides making money on the testing, what else do you do? I am NOT saying you do NOTHING, I am saying I DON’T know.

I just found out we have a lobbyist. Would be nice to know what he is doing. He represents ME AND MY NEEDS, yet no one has ever asked me what I NEED, so how do they fight for ME?

It seems as though we are in the dark about ALL of what is going on. To become a member of Fl NACHI I have to spend a $100 AND take a test…why? I am already state licensed, why do I need to take your test? What does the $100 go for? Any of it go to the lobbyist? What portion. I am not saying you are not entitled to make a good living, but let me know what your doing for me.

You say test are proctored and then give me the typical government answer…“Trust me”. Why, should I trust you? Once again, not being mean or argumentative. But who are you? Why should I trust you?

It seems like your catering to the NEW members and leaving the active present member in the dust. Getting membership is one thing, keeping it is another.

Once again, it looks like they want to make an organization within and organization. Seems like things get diluted like that.

What I have typed my be my ignorance, maybe my lack of reading things, but I see Fl NACHI and wonder what is its purpose and how does it represent me?

Please respond, seems like a great organization, just what does it do for me. A state licensed Home Inspector who owns an inspection company that has 20+ years in the inspection business and an active NACHI member.

Russell, you may want to contact the DBPR, they don’t have you listed yet under home inspector.

Lee County 10-11-10
Home InspectorADAMS, THOMAS DPrimaryHI50
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**PO BOX 1773 BONITA SPRINGS, FL 34133Home InspectorANTHONY, WALTER NEKON SRPrimaryHI207
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**15565 HORSESHOE LN FORT MYERS, FL 33905Home InspectorBISHOP, STEVEN LEEPrimaryHI95
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**17018 GOLFSIDE CIR 201 FORT MYERS, FL 33908-5036Home InspectorBOE, RAY GENEPrimaryHI151
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**920 NE 37TH TERRACE CAPE CORAL, FL 33909Home InspectorBROWN, H GLEN IIPrimaryHI56
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**1270 PLUMOSA DRIVE FORT MYERS, FL 33901Home InspectorBURTON, ELMON LPrimaryHI317
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**4516 NW 27TH STREET CAPE CORAL, FL 33993-8020Home InspectorCARBONE, GARY JPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**329 NE 18TH PLACE CAPE CORAL, FL 33909Home InspectorCERRA, WAYNE ELIOTPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**PO BOX 100925 CAPE CORAL, FL 33910Home InspectorDE ANDRES, ENRIQUEPrimaryHI199
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**1148 DUTCHESS ST E LEHIGH ACRES, FL 33974Home InspectorDE VILLE, ROBERTA ANNPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**105 MANDALAY ROAD FORT MYERS BEACH, FL 33931

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Doug I know you love to dig and find unlicensed people and report them. I can make it easy for you. I am Home Inspector #101, Mold Assessor #69, Radon Measurement Technician R1774, Licensed Radon Measurement Company #RB2076 and Termite Inspection licensed Holder #JE1964. I think that all the Florida licensing I have. Thanks for bolding LICENSED HOME INSPECTOR, to try and bust me out. Love it! Take care and tell John I said hi!

License Type Name Name
Type License
Rank****Status/Expires Home InspectorGLUCKSTAL, LEONARDPrimaryHI227
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**16855 FOX DEN FORT MYERS, FL 33908Home InspectorGRUNSTED, STEVEN JAMESPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**16931 SHELBY LANE NORTH FORT MYERS, FL 33917Home InspectorHENSEL, RUSSELL JOSEPHPrimaryHI101
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**13650 FIDDLESTICKS BLVD 202-399 FORT MYERS, FL 33912Home InspectorJORDAN, TIMOTHY BPrimaryHI210
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**2290 OLEANDER STREET SAINT JAMES CITY, FL 33956Home InspectorKORTE, THOMAS PATRICKPrimaryHI337
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**22317 PUNTA DEL CAPO CT ESTERO, FL 33928Home InspectorKREIDER, JAMES LANCEPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**1020 NW 7TH PL CAPE CORAL, FL 33993Home InspectorLLOYD, JAY ROBERTPrimaryHI48
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**PO BOX 150549 CAPE CORAL, FL 33915Home InspectorLLOYD, KELLYPrimaryHI68
Home InspCurrent, Active
07/31/2012 *Main Address:**P O BOX 150549 CAPE CORAL, FL 33915Home InspectorMARRONE, GARY JOSEPHPrimary
Application in Progress
*Main Address:**4525 SW 9TH AVENUE CAPE CORAL, FL 33914Home InspectorMCARDLE, MICHAEL DPrimary
Application in Progress

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someone once said, As not what your home inspection association can do for you but what can you do for your home inspection association. or something like that. (that was a joke to lighten the mood)

I have not been that involved in things until recently even though I have been a member since 05, so I can only speak from recent experience. It seems as though much effort and time has gone into dealing with the new licensing laws and insurance regulations as well as testing. The progress and work that I have seen over the last few years has been astounding in my opinion.
Personally I give much credit to Zoe for all that she has done in the short time all the while operating their own inspection company and dealing with their own personal hurdles.
I certainly understand your questions as to what our organization is doing, I think you are correct to ask. Just as if I would like to know what my homeowners association is doing with my monthly maintenance fees (besides paying the security guard to write me up when I leave my signs on the truck).

I think that is why we are all so excited to go to Melbourne ( I never thought I would ever say those words…Just kidding John) and have an actual meeting. Good things are on the horizon, its up to us to make it happen.

I would suggest a newsletter from the FLinternachi organization to fill us in on the whats what and whos who.

Kennet is right a lot of effort has gone into the licensing, testing and insurance regs. That’s how and why FLNACHI was formed. They’ve helped many long time inspectors get their license with a lot less hassel than it would have other wise been. The testing was for “grandfatering” those already in the business. And NOW is the time for all of us to give guidense on where we go from here. Up to now it’s been primarily Nick and Zoe and a few others that have done the heavy lifting. Time for us to get involved. That’s what makes your questions important. The answers may well point the direction for the future of home inspection in Florida.

Let me ask you this…why do I have to take the FL NACHI test to be a member? I passed the NACHI test, the Florida Radon Test, The Certified Indoor Environmentalist test, the Master Indoor Environmental Specialist test have done about 9,000 home inspections and am a CMI and now another test…I AM LICENSED. Do you know why…because they said so. No valid reason. Just because they want it that way.

I even offered to pay the $100 fee. Taking time out for a test that benefits me in no way is a waste of my time. But then again, no valid reason. Then they send you an email…You name is going to be removed if your not a member. So Now I gotta pay NACHI and Then FL NACHI, hell I will be INTERFLORIDA NACHI and send me a $100 and I will put your name and email address on a list that NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT! I would pay $5000 if it was going to be beneficial to me and other inspectors. But it just seems like an organization within an organization. Do we really need that? Where does it end? If we do not get a handle on it now, then when? One day there will be no tomorrow and we will sit an wonder how our PROFESSION turned into a turd and we go to making $20,000 a year…

Part of the grandfathering clause was that you had to be a member of a national or state organization that REQUIRED a proctored test to be part of it’s membership. The $100.00 covers the cost of the testing. Does that explain it well enough.

That is ONE aspect of grandfather. I have 3 years experience sent in 120 reports and my 14 hours of continuing education validation. So I did not NEED to do that. So once again, WHY do I need to take the exam? I HAVE THE HOME INSPECTOR LICENSE. I DO NOT NEED THE EXAM TO GET THE LICENSE…so why take the test?

I did say PART. IF you want to be a member of FLNACHI you need to take the test. It’s part of the membership requirements licensed or not. And we do want you to be part of this. Every organization needs questioners, that’s what keeps them on track (to bad congress didn’t have some).

Sorry to go but I’ve got work in the morning. It’s been a great discussion let’s continue it in Melbourne.

Please provide documentation that supports that statement.

Is this a chartered chapter?

This is a Florida Insurance Inspectors assocation…I think. As far as I know its a get together amongst NACHI members to talk, discuss, and put our heads together.

I was referring to FLnachi. It is a chapter not an association.

Follow this link:

If like it says here, from Richard’s link, " If you are not a member of InterNACHI, you will have to join. Membership in Florida InterNACHI is free but only open to members of InterNACHI. You can join InterNACHI here." So, if membership in FLnachi is free why is the $100 test required to join?

**: **What do I have to do to become certified by Florida InterNACHI? A: To be a “Certified” member of Florida InterNACHI:

  1. You must be a member, in good standing, of InterNACHI. Join InterNACHI now.
  2. You must have completed at least 14 hours of verifiable education on home inspection services. You can get the 14 hours of education online at no cost.
  3. You must pass the Home Inspection Exam in a proctored setting. Florida InterNACHI also accepts nearly every proctored home inspection exam, including:
  • Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection Home Inspector’s Exam
  • Illinois Department of Professional Regulation Home Inspector’s Exam
  • InterNACHI’s Inspector Exam (proctored version)
  • New York State Home Inspector’s Exam
  • State of North Carolina Home Inspector Licensure Board’s Exam
  • State of South Carolina Residential Builders Commisssion’s Home Inspector Exam
  • Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC)'s Home Inspector’s Exam.

Ummmmm…so its an organization within and organization…sweet! Then I want to be RussNachi, it will cost a bit more like $750 and you will have to take a double proctored secret exam in which no one will know the answers. Then you will have to perform at least 1 inspection…or partially inspection over the last 100 years. You will have to correctly identify a house from a boat. I will work triple hard on the direction we are going. The direction will be determined later by an unnamed committee or what ever I want it to be…But if you take the exam and membership I will drop the fee from $750 to $0.50.