Multiple ways to die

Stepped out on to this public deck over a coach house that is part of the HOA and thought the trip hazards were terrible till I viewed the real shock.(sorry I had to say it).

Making dangerous even worse another line crossed at the rear way to close and within grasp.


Yeah that warped board will get you .lol so why all the other Pictures lololololol

He is mad at the Phone Company

I just thought the safety lines that you can grab as falling were a nice touch Wayne.

Yeah,so you figure it is for a phone line ,eh.

Hope you keep contact with past clients to see if they “yet live”

You forget I am the guy that takes pictures.:slight_smile:

Check out more ways to die at the same building.


Wow, OMG Power Lines…yikes.

I had a close one on a back porch.

Cruz Inspection 029.JPG

You, would do something like that .

Nice looking neighbor hood ya got there did ya car have its wheels when the inspt was over

I useone of thesefor situations like that.

That is one of the higher priced areas of the west loop.
Building 1880’s.

Hmmmmmm don’t think I want to visit the bad areas up there

I could tell you many stories.

An appropriate expression for this place…WTF!!!

Advertise them as zip lines and raise the rent.

Same building and you may have noticed it in my shaky fire escape shot.
So many ways to die here.

Someone try and guess what I might show at the downspout.