NACHI 2007 Power Point Presentation by Dr. Bill Merrell.

Slide 18

A little more proof reading is perhaps need.

The word “STATE” is mis-spelled on another slide.

Simply hit refresh- all typo’s have been fixed- it is also slightly redesigned to include NACHI logos.

Hope members can use it in presentations at meetings, etc. It may show potential members why NACHI is a good group to join.

Feel free to use this at chapter meetings, educational events, etc. Hope it helps!


Thanks for the Presentation! I think you did a great job. It will help out a lot when I speak at the Home Inspection classes.

I just didn’t want to point out to others that they should proof read everything the use from the NACHI site, or other sites. Just like the “Manual for a Happy Home”. It has so many typeo’s and mis-spellings that it is sad and I am a horrible speller! Did anyone proof read that book before printing it? Other then the constant mis-spellings of the word “OF”, “possums” is properly spelled “opossums” even though some except the first spelling.

The other thing that bothered me about that book so far is it keeps referring to your house walls as being stucco. It never even mentions wood, vinyl, aluminum or brick. It is rare to find stucco in most parts of the country that I have visited. I know that stucco is common in CA, TX, etc. (Out West) I think the book is good only as a regional book.

Sorry for going off topic. :wink:

I hope you are able to use the power point presentation, to show potential members the benefits of joining NACHI.

It should, I already have a couple I have modified that work well, but this one is a geared more for what I am trying to do… Obtain more membership to NACHI & the Great Lakes-East Chapter.


Perfect- I am glad it helps!

Chapters need to stay high tech-

I you want we can include your chapter in the online meeting - send me the information about your chapter and we can sign up anyone you want to be part of it- It’s free and it will supplement regular chapers by offering monthly online meetings as wll as traditional networking meetings.