NACHI 2008 Convention (survey)

Hotlanta. Everyone should be exposed to Southern culture…and humidity. Some of you western guys will be glad to get back to Arizona after being in a steam bath for a few days. But it’ll be good for you, and while you’re there you can visit the Civil Rights Museum, or, if the time is right, go see the Braves. Also, it’s a short trip to Chattanooga and Stone Mountain, and if you’re really feeling adventurous, you can go visit Rock City. Then, of course, there’s the Atlanta Underground. If you happen to be a Civil War buff, the Chickamauga Battlefield is nearby. Perhaps Ken Lott can fill us in on some more fun and exciting things to do while in Atlanta.

Atlanta Is that in the United States? I thought they Left the union.

How about the Cabela’s store near Kansas City?



Phoenix is between these two Russ.