PICs of NACHI booth at Miami ITA Convention.

I actually made this post for Larry, I was tryign to show him how to post.

Signage, skirt and drop-downs make for a nice display!
Even makes Gerry look good (Hiya, Mate!)!!!
Clean & streamlined.
The Las Vegas setup will be similar?

Thanks to all NACHI members and associates: I really felt at home on my first trip with NACHI. Especially thanks to Gerry Beaumont, Steve J., and Jamie, Allen, and Ben at PRO-LAB. Good to meet you all and looking forward to more trips with you guys.:roll:

With that crowd, I don’t think your evenings were too dry, Jackie . . .

Thank God NACHI was there this year. I went last year and almost got beat up when I said I was a member of NACHI.

Gary, times have changed. More than 8 out of 10 attendees were members of NACHI.

The ASHI booth was a joke, a text book diploma mill. They had 1 page, no-entrance-requirements-whatsover applications layed out on the counter so attendees could actually join ASHI on the spot. Attendees could join ASHI on-site by simply giving A$HI a check. No courses, quizzes, exams, or qualifications necessary. I have pictures of people joining ASHI with no questions asked in under 30 seconds each. I don’t know who the fella that manned the ASHI booth was but even he seemed to be suffering from shame over it.

Anyway, I believe Gerry is working on some kind of promotion of ITA’s upcoming convention in Vegas. Maybe we can waive member renewal fees for members who attend as a way to encourage our members to attend. I very much recommend the Vegas event.

It was great having Nick and the rest of the NACHI crew there. The rest of the cats there were kind of drab. How about that poor guy at the phone answering service booth? Did he get any traffic?:frowning: The instructors were definately ASHI. I am very happy I went. I can now see how ASHI and NACHI really differ. Thank you NACHI. BY THE WAY. Way to go Nick. Your prizes were better than BOTH of ITAs grand prizes combined. Right on man!!:cool:

Thanks, I couldn’t take it anymore. When they started making us all applaud for winning stuff like a $3 Mr. Fix It book I almost vomited. Had to do something. The Mr. Fix It booth was manned by WAHI’s E.D. who oddly only makes mention of other associations (not NACHI) on their state site.

I donated $500 in cash for a door prize from NACHI and I think it topped all.

I did like the convention though and hope to meet NACHI members at the Vegas one in Sept.