NACHI about to go from big to enormous, if we minimize message board hypersensitivity

NACHI is about to more than triple in size by sometime in 2008. With what we have coming in terms of member services and the expansion of all we’ve recently launched, this is very likely a gross underestimate. We’re going from big to enormous. This will come with some pain.

Recently, we fought a long legal battle to assure that this message board remains free speech (another smaller association tried to force us to adopt NAZI style censorship). We spent close to $200,000.00 in legal fees to preserve our message board user’s First Amendment rights. Why? Because this message board is NACHI’s brain, where we think (and yes argue) things out. To lose it would be like being beheaded.

I just picked up a book “Light on the Path Through the Gates of Gold” by Mabel Collins. The first lines in the book in Chapter 1 are “These rules are written for all disciples: Attend you to them. Before the eyes can see, they must be incapable of tears. Before the ear can hear, it must have lost its sensitiveness.” Now before anyone jumps to the conclusion that the author or I am asking everyone to become callous, that isn’t what I’m suggesting. What I’m saying is that the NACHI ship is becoming so enormous that we all need to keep our thinking clear and unemotional. Don’t let any post upset you. What you do with your completely autonomously run chapters is not for me to comment on, but with respect to this message board, which I consider the brain of NACHI, I urge you all to not let your emotions blur your vision and disrupt your poise. Like in the movie Master and Commander, if a cannon ball comes crashing through the wall near you or even injures you… I need you to man your station, not run away and hide because you are offended or hurt by someone’s comments. Keep fighting, without taking it personally. Point counter point is a healthy process, don’t get rattled.

I’m speaking mainly to the contributors (active posters) of this message board. You are but a small percentage of the total number of viewers and members. Together we are the brains of NACHI and a good brain works from knowledge, not emotion. NACHI fought to keep its head, I ask that you keep yours. We need you.


You are asking us to temper what we say.

NAHI doesnt like what we say.

NAHI scratches its head at this message board.

It reminds me of the scene in the Howard Stern movie, where after examining the ratings and demographics data, it was revealed that listeners that liked Howard were more likely to listen after an outrageous comment because that wanted to see what he said next. Then, then it was revealed that those who DIDNT like listened in LARGER numbers, because they would hang around just to hear what he was going to say next…

So, what are you saying, Nick?

Nick, I’ll take your Pledge to Professionalism, you can count on me.

Any other takers?

In other words don’t react, act.

Increase the prominence of the chat room. 80% of our nontechnical posts belong there, anyway, and have no purpose in being preserved for future reference.

that’s a winner of an idea. Let’s hope the cat fights go there more often.:smiley:

I am like Joe, confused. What are you saying? Should we not fight against people like John Bowman that appears to be against your ideas? The ideas that make NACHI such a great organization.

I am like Joe, confused. What are you saying? Should we not fight against people like John Bowman that appears to be against your ideas?

**The ideas that make NACHI such a great organization./**quote]

You should always fight against anyone who tries to run our Association down into the ground! As you have seen there are some people whose comments seemed aimed at slandering and destroying our Association!:twisted:

Nick will get rid of them in his own good time. However, that does not mean that you should roll over and play dead and not defend your Association.
Keep up the good work!:smiley:

I’m excited to see Nicks ideas unfold.

Hi Nick,
as you know I absolutely love NACHI and I have been a loyal member since day one. I have also supported you, and your vision for the future of the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors.

That being said I do not believe that we should condone continuous/persistent malicious slanderous and seditious comments and actions by anyone.

There are far too many people who would like to see NACHI destroyed. Some of them are so-called members. So while like you, I heartily condone freedom of speech I do not believe that anyone should take your message as a “free pass” for any slanderous, seditious, and malicious attacks against NACHI and or NACHI members!

  • The recent removal of Michael Rowan should be a lesson to everyone. Mr. Rowan is an intelligent multimillionaire with a good sense of showmanship and a gift for gab. If this intelligent and wealthy man can be removed for slanderous comments and seditious behavior then anyone can!
    *]I hope that a certain few will sit up and pay attention!

LOL…What home inspection organization is NACHI buying to bail them out of potential bankruptcy?

Good words, Nick.
I feel that, when I read something on this board, I am only getting part of the communication. I learned that lesson when my Mother was going deaf and i did more writing to her; I felt it would be “easier”.
After several mis-communications and misunderstandings - leading to several years of grief and being the Black Sheep of the family - I learned that people can know what they intend when they write, but not everyone interprets it as the original meaning.
Letting other 3rd party posters goad members into emotional rages - as is occasionally evidenced on this board - is actually disempowering to every one of us.
Perhaps we can bear in mind, in the future, that if we do not know the entire situation of any given event, it may be worth a phone call (how many of us actually pay long distance charges?) to the supposed Bad Guy to find out the true story.
I, for one, have dramatically decreased my frequency of posts on this board because of the squabbling and quibbling. I know of others, who have also been members for several years, who feel the same way.

To me, it is significant that the one person in the world who has done more for me, as an inspector, than anyone else, has made this request. I feel that it is a call worth heeding.

You’d better read my post again. I said nothing about tempering what you SAY.

I said not to *take *anything too personally, or at least so personally and emotionally that you give up on a discussion.

We recently had some people chased off the board (essentially). I’m asking them to never get so flustered (by what they percieve as a personal attack) that they quit contributing altogether.

If someone takes a cheap shot at you… tell them to go F#&k themselves and get right back on topic.

Man up!

Excellent. I’ll try to be less timid.

I saw it like that also Peter, I’ll take it.

You definitely belong on an island! :roll:

Exactly… our entire form of government is based on debate and reasoning.
If someone can hurt your feelings, you have lost the discussion already.

If you can’t play with the big dogs… stay on the porch.:mrgreen:

Certainly, posters need to post in a professional manner just as they would run their inspection business in a professional manner. :smiley:

It’s all just letters on a screen, most people who post here will never even meet or talk to one another, it is sometimes hard to really understand what is being said. I believe most people who get upset, do so, not because of what the other person said, but rather how they would have responded, in other words, what is in their heart. I got kicked off and banned from an atheist forum, not for what i said but how, i am a one finger typist, so to keep it simple, i set my keyboard on capslock. How was i to know that all caps was seen as shouting! :shock: i did not know better until a couple of years later, and i laughed my butt of. :smiley:

At least on an open forum, where the world is watching.