NACHI files response in US Court to Mallory's recent attacks for personal gain.


It’s good to see that there are other out there who can effectively break down an illogical argument into it’s proper components. I thought I was the only one left outside of academia who still uses “ad hominem” in its proper context. Very fine logical deconstruction.

I prefer to cut through the obvious BS and do not suffer fools lightly.

Once you learn effective (and pretty simple) debate techniques, you find out that most arguments, stripped of their illogic and fluff, are mostly broken down to “I don’t like you because you don’t agree with my feelings”. :wink:

Hops this helps;

Will ,you done Good, you done real goods till you. (" Hopes this helps ")

Yes I am being factious with my Gooder English … Cookie

All said in jest I am sure Will can see that

My Dear Mr. Cooke.

I don no how to reed and rite good. Sorry :mrgreen: