NACHI.TV Episode 2 w/ Kenton Schaff

Very well done.

We are gearing up to put out one a week. Yesterday we ordered 4 new microphones. We hope to have another film crew out there by next month. If anyone wants to volunteer to be on the show, contact Valerie

Nice going!!!

NACHI CO has come a long way in the last couple of years; looks like you’re working my old area, Kenton - I used to live on Jill Drive.

I’m “in town” today, with a faster connection on my laptop-
So nice to see a real show, instead of the “freeze frame” effect I get at home.

Is there a way to download these to a DVD so they can be shown, independent of a net connection?

Keep up the good work, Nick & Valerie; let’s film up here when Nick makes his next Schweitzer Mtn trip!

Nice job.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Nice job, but…

I realize that the length of the video may be limited but the attic inspection should have mentioned more than building science issues. Checking the rafters or trusses is very important and should have been included in the video.

Also, electrical panel inspection should have been included.

Overall, not technical enough and I don’t mean more inspector speak is needed to get technical.


Bruce, I have one of the service panels with all the defects you made for me. Can I fly you up to NACHI TV’s studio and do a show with you where you point out and explain all the defects in the panel?

If you find a house with mosture problems or insulation problems, I would love to do an inspection featuring thermal imaging as party of the inspection.

Have thermal camera and will travel to any location in central or east
Texas (San Antonio, Autin, Dallas, Houston…etc…)

Hey. McKenna. Trying to jip me out of a free trip to Colorado? :mrgreen:

Nice video.

I agree 100% with Bruce. It would be nice to see more technical issues described in a video. ie…Inside the electrical panel, inside the furnace or boiler, and maybe some asbestos and termite findings.

I’m also still waiting to see an exciting video of a house of horrors. There are a lot homes out there today that contain a lot major issues that I’m not seeing on a video yet. Let’s get a shi+ box house on video.

When someone inspects a home that is an absolute hell hole, please notify Valerie and give us a real show.

I’d like to see both of you doing Thermal Imaging together. Never mind just one individual.

That way we get to view the different aspects of this new type of inspection.

They are working on a Thermal Imaging video as we type…

That’s a promo, not an inspection.

Nice Job Kenton.

Great Job Kenton!

Promo, home inspection…Who cares.

They’re still producing a video on Thermal imaging.

What’s the difference?

We are producing plenty of educational shows… we’ll try to keep them entertaining too.

Yes they are producing a thermal imaging video.
It could be a home inspection promo, or it could be
a promo about home inspections. I’m not sure
what the difference is, but I know it’s good. :mrgreen:

Do I get a greeny?