Nail or Screw?

I have a contractor who wants to add a screw rather than a nail to comply with the 3 nail clip attachment on a Wind Mit. Any thoughts on this getting kicked back from an Insurance underwriter because of the screw?

It says nail, suggest a palm nailer

This was just discussed in the “Is this a clip” topic posted last week in this forum (FL section). :wink:

I’m on my cell, otherwise I’d post the link.

Nails have more shear strength than screws.

Agreed but as I said I would have likely let the clip pass in the previously discussed post from before as I doubt I would have though of it not being a complete assembly made for the job.

Strap i would def be looking for a nail.

Check with the clip manufacture for proper/acceptable attachments.

You can add a shortcut to the phone’s home screen to a website(mobile or otherwise). The icon will be the “favicon.ico” file(small graphic).

Screws are allowed to be substituted for a nail if at least #8 corrosion resistant (not a drywall screw). It’s referenced in the Hurricane Retrofit Manual - FBC.