National Home Inspector Exam

I will be needing a Wisconsin license to take on more HUD/ FHA work.

My problems:

Can’t call to see when and where the exams are held.
Can’t get emails answered.

Been trying for a couple of weeks at different times of the day, get put on hold and then after 10 minutes the call hangs up. Emails not answered.
I can register and pay but I’m not paying $225.00 for an exam if I don’t know the time and location.

Can anyone help me out with this?

Click on “All Other States”, “Test Provider” ,“PSI”:

Click on “Test Centers”:

It’s computer based at a test center for MN

No phone numbers for Minnesota.
I’ll try the all other states. number.
Been trying off and on for a few weeks.

I find it odd that they don’t provide that info online.

Thanks for your help

Tried again today and got someone who said the info is on their website. Registered and could not get the information and Wisconsin is the only state that is not listed?

Called New Hampshire (National Headquarters) 5 minutes ago and the office voice response said call during business hours. I guess they are closed on Fridays?

Will call Wisconsin next and see what they say.

After 3 months of headaches, finally got my license renewed yesterday. Good luck!

Must be a 1 man office who got the right to certify the HI test.

Zero customer help but they are in charge. Go figure that with all the home inspectors in the US that the people in charge of the exam don’t run it as a business. Typical when you are forced to work with bureaucrats.

Make your appointment and show up at the test center during business hours. easy peasy

The person at the test center has nothing to do but point you to a terminal and tell you your results after.

So far I’ve been told I must pay for and register for the test and then they will tell me when they will test.

Reminds me of “we need to pass it before we can read it.”

I’ll probably just pay and see what happens.

That’s how it was with my son’s CLEP test for college. He had to register and part of that was picking his day/place/time… so they couldn’t answer where/when, that part was up to us. Of course, THEN he had to call the test center to tell them he was coming at such and such a time to do XYZ test… and pay ANOTHER fee… I tell you that so you are prepared if it’s like his CLEP… (that’s college board run, so hopefully a professional test is run better…)

More likely a huge government enterprise. :roll:

I’ll see what happens on Monday. Like it or not its how it is.

I thought you and your Floridian and Californian buddies were going to change the inspection industry with your new association? What happened?

Paul, when I got tested for LEED Associates a few years back, that is how it was, pay now and they email you a test time and date. :slight_smile:

Thanks Marcel,
I’ll do it their way after all its just an exam.
Customers are a pain to modern business, they make more money letting us do the lifting.