I think everyone has a right to become a Home Inspector

Every other inspector out there if you like to help others new inspector it will be appreciated :slight_smile:


Chun King got dissed on another thread.


This: Dis

Licensing solves nothing.

Not at the level it’s being instituted at in a lot of states…pass a paper test, pay a fee…good luck to the public!!

Everyone has the right yes. But if you dont know what you are doing, you will get chewed up and spit out. So be careful

And the right to become President of the United States of America. :shock:

If someone is to weak to stand up to typer’s on line then imagine them dealing with Agents.

And the right to charge what they are worth! :shock:

Jim… you disappoint! :wink:

Chiun… believe me, you don’t see it yet, but, you* are* being helped.

Just ask “The Meeker”! :mrgreen:

Chiun, what is your primary language? Vietnamese? I can speak some Vietnamese but I can’t type it.

First advice is:

Find an experienced inspector who will let you ride along on at least 12 inspections.

Consider raising your rate; how can you really drive over an hour each way to a job and inspect a home for $155?

With all respect, I detect the sense you think your AHIT class qualified you to be a HI. I believe you have a lot to learn but I applaud your eagerness.

Slow down and try to get some experience before you “make the market”.


Grow a thick skin, keep vigilant , read many posts that have something to do with Home Inspection. ask questions, take the ribbing. and if possible ride along with another . Buddy up. no low balling , you will do fine.

Great Advise! Find a mentor in your area, read and research as many subject matters about inspecting that you can. Consider trying to due more narrative type report writing and for all our sakes raise your prices your too low! As mentioned above how can you drive to a job (at least one hour) do an inspection (min 2 hours if your doing it right) and write a report, edit photos, package product, communications etc. (min 1 hour) now that’s a total of 4 hours if your lucky all for $ 155.00 ? :shock: ?

Good Luck, keep you chin up and raise your prices you will feel better about what you do for people!

And those are just the “labor” items. You are running a business. You need to charge to cover your “overhead expenses” also… Vehicle insurance, Business insurance, Business licenses, fuel & vehicle maintenance, office expenses, electricity, etc… etc… It is impossible to cover those expenses at what you are charging.

Oh but the $150 inspectors are sooooooo easy to sell against! :mrgreen:

I don’t speak vietnamese nick, my primary language is spanish

Thanks for the advice guys, i appreciated people who really want to help me out and give me advice, for those who just want to critizice i will keep ignoring them, thank you guys, I see your point, i should raise the price