New board slowwww????

Is it me or does this new board take longer to load pages?

Seems much slower to me.

I’m having zero problems with the pages loading. Are you using that buggy Internet Explorer?

Definitely slower than before


Eeevvveeennn Wwwiiittthhh Hhhiii—ssspppeeeeeeddd Aaacccccceeessssss…

Mine seems to be faster than ever. I’m quite happy with it. There were times with the old Board that drove me to drinking. And that wasn’t hard to do.

Slow, indeed.
2 possibilities -
I don’t have enough “cookies” stored up for it yet, or it’s just my wonderful 31.2 kbps dialup.

On the other hand, I seem to recall somethig when I was re-doing my Profile about options for slower & faster pages . . . enabling photos, etc.


Verrry sssllloooowww at 50mbps.


Just like being on dial up again.And that’s not a good thing!It is taking me 15 seconds to load each page.I don’t have 15 seconds to spare for each page.This might drive me to drinking(again).:wink: :wink:

I find it a little slower on my home PC, but on my laptop, no changes in the speed.

When I log out it says it deletes all cookies.

I haven’t tried the other but it’s located at:

control panel-edit options-edit display or some such

Works great for me :slight_smile:

I have never seen my computer run so slow. Almost everytime I see…“waiting for…” I’ve cleaned and defragged and still slower.

However, with the New Posts and refresh options, it helps a lot. Those are great tools.


I’ve noticed it too. It is taking about 10-15 seconds to load a page. Never had that problem with the old MB.

Steve, can you explain the refresh option to me? My learning curve feels bent. :wink:

Seems the same to me on my DSL


It was alot faster on dial-up at home for me, now on high speed it takes longer to load the forums and topics.

do you have any sense of what it may take to improve my used to be fine dial-up ?

Hi all,

I just sent the following email to Chris Morrell (NACHI Director if Information Technology). Hopefully he will review this thread and make some suggestions for us.


There is a whole thread devoted specifically to the reduction in loading speed with the new message board.

Can you please review the thread and make any suggestions for settings(perhaps in the Control Panel, Options area) that would help those of us that are seeing a marked reduction in speed with the new board. Some folks appear to have had no change, while others are much slower.

In my case I have wireless, DSL and have noticed a huge reduction in speed.
It is driving me (and others) crazy.

The thread is located at:
NACHI Message Board > General > General Inspection Discussion
New board slowwww???

Please help!!


I’m running on Verizon DSL with Internet Explorer and it is markedly slower than the old board.