New CMI Web Site


oh boy, here we go…

Here is a Master Inspector. My heartfelt congrats to Mr. Ben Gromicko, he must be one of the first. A seasoned inspector that has been in business for quite a few years from what I understand.

Do we have any others? This is neat. What a great program and great idea.

[FONT=Arial,Helvetica,Verdana, Sans Serif][size=2]John…didn’t you read this on the website?:slight_smile: : NOTE: THIS WEBSITE UNDER CONSTRUCTION. INFORMATION FOUND HERE IS NOT VALID.[/size][/FONT]



No I didn’t see that. Please don’t get me wrong. I have been an opponent of this CMI program, but I was obviously totally wrong with my perception. I believe this now to be a strong viable program and one of my goals is to now fully support it and advertise it. This can only be but the best for Inspectors everywhere.

Here is another great site that will further explain the CMI program if you need further information. It does not state that it is under construction.

Hmmm, again…

Found another one. Congrats…

80 hrs to inspect in Fl (proposed bill)
30 hrs including the exam at bill school to be a CMI
40 hrs on a site that is not true if done in the future
100 hrs on a site that is not true in the past

I am sure all this will shake out in the near future

I hope that some ON LINE education gets into the program. Some of us live out in the sticks –




Your dreams and wishes have come true. See the last two entrys on this page.

Good Luck. If you hurry now you can be one of the first in Florida. Get er done.


Looks like ID and Gerry will take care of us. 80 hrs for the state of Florida and double dip some of those hrs to be a CMI. I will not have to use any of my CE credits for anything.

Lets see if I have about 3 to 4 k on my credit card - school, room, board, lost business. (And with a net margin of 25% that is about $20,000 worth of HI work to JUST BREAK EVEN)

John I think I will re do my math again


Can anyone now doubt that there is a bigger plan then the so called “leaders/volunteers” of NACHI will ever see? Can anyone ever doubt that this has becme a vender driven association?

Please give me a break, do away with all committee’s and all title leadership positions. You mean nothing…except education of course.

Being a true union solidarity type of guy, I would love to see people boycott this, but as we all know the schools will start pumping out CMI’s all over the place, will it mean s h i t, who knows? All it would take is a couple so called CMI’s to fail on inspections and then it may come to light about this money making scheme.

I move that this is a direct threat to all NACHI members who have poured there heart and souls into demonstrating there experience, only to be under cut by a newb school CMI.


Not yet - The vendors have not discovered that we are very smart and don’t buy a lot of the low end or too high priced crap

Quality is the name of the game - and that is not something that the vendor says

— Me thinks that the CMI program still has some issues

I do not feel comfortable about putting the CMI logo on my site or bus cards at this time.


Real simple – I do not think that what it takes is coming from someone that I can count on for all the information

Why should we put a CMI after our name when it means very little or nothing



Note that Nick registered “” in 2003 when it was a hot topic.


Just be aware that these schools will be pumping out NACHI CMI’s and you will just be a NACHI member…unless of course you pay the fee at your local NACHI sponsored school. Good Luck,

Has Nick just created a pay for tier designation?

Well I’ve downloaded the Seal, so I guess I am one.:twisted:

I think I’ll start doing comercials like those jellin ones for insoles.

Hi, I’m Brian and I’m CMI’n.:stuck_out_tongue:

ESA says I’m a CMI - tg

:smiley: :smiley: