New Inspector in Pennsylvania

Hello, I am new to internachi, and to the home inspection business. I am reaching out to inspectors in Pennsylvania looking for some help with a couple questions that have been asked several times on the forum but I still can’t figure out. Mainly the rule that new inspectors have to partake in 100 inspections. I have found a company that you can pay to ride along with but I am unsure of the rate they charge. It seems like the most difficult part of the home inspection certification in Pennsylvania. It would be great to have some input from someone who has already gone through this process.

When you call and find out the rate, please let us know for It may be helpful to others. Sorry, I am not in PA so not much help. Best of luck.

Hello Jonathan. Were you anywhere near the tornado?

have you checked the InterNACHI mentors? or joined a PA chapter of home inspectors?
scroll down on page to join a chapter. the members may be willing to help out free of charge. as charging for this service is just crappy to other Nachi members.

Thank you and I will let you know if I do contact them

The big one was a couple towns over, but one of the smaller ones was closer to where I live in central Bucks co.

Thank you I appreciate the info. It looks like my local chapter has a mentorship page.