Some gorgeous InspectorPages websites.

Update: InspectorPages is now under new ownership, and is in no way associated with Reports, Inc., InterNACHI, Nick Gromicko or Chris Morrell.

Love my inspectorpages site. We need the google +1 and fb and twitter add-ons. Would send it over the top!

The InterNACHI staff is already adding the fb, twitter and +1. AMAZING SERVICE!

No brains required… we don’t have to think. All we have to do is monitor this message board.


Enable the “Floating Social” plugin to add all sorts of social buttons to your site. We’re working on other social features, too.


Not a single site is showing on my cell phone.
Why is that?

Looks like the special mobile theme they have installed doesn’t work with all pages.

I knew something was wrong when I reviewed a members site just a few hours ago on another thread.

Most regular non mobile sites still show just fine with Android.

Are we supposed to vote on the best. I am with Solid Choice Home Inspection, the family idea works.

We got rid of that contest Kevin.
Lack of interest .

It was sort of like voting which of your kids is prettiest.

Opps! I forgot my LOL Bob.

Might be kinda cool if several guys went through a bunch and reviewed them however.
Always room for new ideas.


What phone are you using?


Tried, but doesnt work? Also any way to use my logo for the main page pic without distortion?


Email and Danny will help you out. He can get everything set up for you.


This is what they look like on my android and my wifes iphone. is supposed to look like this?

Yes. This is how InspectorPages optimizes the content for mobile web.


umm thats kinda bad. nice sites on my laptop…on my mobile…not so much. Might want to look into that imho. As a huge user of tablets and smartphones i wouldnt even bother to look at that page i would just move on. just my opinion of course not trying to be critical.

evo 4g

Actually that is not how they should look.