New knee protection

I have tried every knee pad I could find and all wound up at my ankles before I got out of a crawl space. I found these moto cross knee & shin guards that work.:sunglasses:


That’s a good idea. I don’t have many crawls in my area but the low decks with rock under them can be brutal.

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I have a set of ToughBuilt’s and a set of Knee Blades.

3 months after my knee replacement, I bought these so I could attempt to do my maintenance work around the house. They are jelly interior and hard exterior and won’t slide down. Even retired, I use them all the time. Knee replacements are really sensitive to hard surfaces.


I bought knee pads at a paint ball enthusiast store. Saw a foundation guy wearing them

Those look pretty good. I have had huge success with these guys from Amazon…Similar in style. The hard plastic is awesome as you do not feel any sort of sharp concrete or rocks while crawling. I pretty much only have crawlspaces and rarely get a slab on grade. Here is the amazon link for what I use if interested. A true life saver for my old 51 year knees.
Amazon ToughBuilt Knee Pads

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Those look pretty good but the problem I see is if you are in a low headroom with a dirt crawl space, dirt will get in the open part of the knee pad, and those little dirt pebbles hurt like hell.

@mcyr2 - I always put a pair of coveralls on, and then for the West Coast - It is generally covered with a 6Mil plastic vapor barrier. The dirt (for me) is not generally an issue unless the crawl is a mess already and so these guys work well for my area. The shin style guard would be a good option as well.

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Thanks Marcel! just ordered a pair

So how are they working out? I had 1 knee replace 12 months ago and the other 9 months ago, still hesitant to get on my knees.

Don’t be if the surgery was done right.
After 3 months, I started with the jell pads doing outside landscape a little bit at a time and progressed from there.
As long as you are on a soft pad, it should be alright. At least it was for me, but I was favoring my other knee when I started. You have both, so you might need to be gentle a bit.

thanks for the information

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They look Great, my 66 year knees could use these, I have lots of crawlspaces. Do you find that your knees sweat with them on? I have yet to find a set of knee pads that do not cause my knee area to sweat, the pants part of knees are soaking wet when I finish a crawlspace. Nice to hear any information that you may have.

Only when it is hot outside and I wear them longer than a couple of hours.

I got some gym flooring foam pads from Walmart and cut them into smaller pieces to fit into some pockets sewn onto the knee area of some work pants. No more sweaty knees or straps rubbing the back of my legs. Great for light duty crawling.


You sew those on yourself, Bert? :wink:

I would like to place an order, please. Does this come with free shipping?


Sewing the pockets was $8 per pair at the local Alteration shop (seamstress).


Very creative, key word is light use which would be interior of house. Great idea

This thread made me realize my right ankle is getting messed up from going down on one knee over and over all day to check outlets.

Any good ankle support products people use?