New Market Opportunity

Looks like I can start marketing “bomb clearance” with my inspection. As a Senior EOD Tech I could take a whack at a “bomb inspection sop”. Maybe I should put together a course on how to sweep a property for explosive devices. What do you think? And I wonder what I should charge? Any ideas.

Or maybe we all need to add an explosive device disclaimer to our agreements.

Here’s a link to the bomb story

Since it’s coming on memorial day let me encourage everyone to remember those who have paid the price for all of us.

I am a Combat Engineer and did a lot of EOD type work during OIF 1 let me know how your nich works out and I might jump on the band wagon…lol

Of course there is something satisfying about using the real estate agent as a human mine detector.

Hey Don, better be careful, that marketing plan may just blow up in your face…

You are right Pete. It could start ticking any time. I wonder what my insurance carrier would say. Think I can get coverage?

Sounds like a business with exploding profit potential…