What year did they stop making these panel boxes (or are they still made)

Still being made. Buy 'em here…


Upon further investigation, I find the* breakers* are still available, but the panels may be made by another company.

I was able to find the brakers also. But this box appears to be older than the house is listed by the county appraiser. Thanks. Hopefully someone will know.

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Bill I believe they are long gone as a company but were based out of Covington KY, I thought I had researched them once before and found that they were taken over by a bigger company in the 1970’s but I can’t find that info again.

BTW the name has an S in it, its Wadsworth if were talking about the same company.

Interesting link to an old picture of the plant which is located in what is now a historic district.





Never said I could spell. If it was taken over in the 70’s, then this box could have been origianl. It just looks than that to me (The house is listed as 1971).

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