New radio ad with "NACHI"

I just had my ad renewed on local radio stations. Have a listen.

Very cool Steven!

I have heard your ad’s on morning radio Steve. Very good! How has the response been?

The ads sound great and lots of people tell me they are hearing them, but I don’t think they generate much direct business.

Cost range?..curious.


Very impressive. I like the professional voice.

I’m thinking of getting a local radio commercial done also.

Please update us on whether or not this advertising is a hit or a bust.

Sounds great Steve…almost makes we want to have You come inspect my place, but then i really couldn’t afford to fix all of the things you could find…the wife’s list is long enough!!!

I’ve had an ad on the radio since last May but like I mentioned earlier it hasn’t paid for itself yet, not directly anyway. I think the name exposure is something that might show me returns in th long run but only time will see. This new ad is the first one that I’ve added NACHI to.
I’ll let you know if I have to hire people to do inspections for me

Thinking of how people purchase… I don’t think a radio ad would create much direct business. At least not for a Home Inspection.
Think of it as brand recognition. Keeping your name out there… Thats worth something. Good job!`

There are different programs available but the one I signed up for is about $800/month:o


And no return yet?

I think I just shat myself! :shock:

What the ads really do s keep the name in the fore front and create a sort of friend or name associate that will be recognised and creates credibility for the listeners. this in turn create the branding of the name. The long term effects are building blocks in the community as to who to call and that makes a difference.

"I’ll let you know if I have to hire people to do inspections for me"

My application and resume are in the mail !! :mrgreen:

Exactly! When are you running for mayor of Kingston Bill?

I would run for council but I’m afraid they wouldn’t like end result, they just do not want to hear the truth…
but there is hope…
Now about that Job as second inspector :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: