New Roof, New Lateral Sewer Now This...

My water bill doubled from last month. My investigation led to this (see pic). Hey I’m employed, my family is happy and healthy to include my dog (slobbers) and I’m making new friends all over the country (Inspector Office Pro) AND I wouldn’t be where I’m at today without all my great friends right here at InterNACHI. In hind sight friends, health and family is all that matters.

You should have had it inspected before you bought it.

I knew the lateral needed to go and the roof among other things. There was no indications with the buried water line when I moved in. I don’t pay retail for much of anything so I was prepared for the understanding that some money needed to go into this place. I love the house extremely well built.

Just kidding.

How did you know the main water line needed to go when buying ?

Jim… I know my friend :wink:

Do you mean the lateral sewer Bob? I ran a camera down it.

Never mind (mis read) that you said you knew about the water line.
You meant main drain.

What’s that white stuff all over the ground?

It’s called misery. :wink: Damn stuff won’t go away this year.