New Student Training Curriculum

This seemed as appropriate a place as any to post this inquiry- apologies if thats not the case

Let me preface this by saying, this is my first online/distance education, so my main “educational” point of reference, is my brick-and-mortar college education 10 years ago. Each class had a course code listed visibly on the curriculum. ES101, ES102 etc.

I am currently just a few days into the student member program, and took a step back to glance further ahead at the many courses readily available here.
I acknowledge the fact so many topics and issues are inter-related, so structuring the exact path of education is likely more than challenging.
As a PA resident, the absence of a licensing board eliminates the state-specific requirements. So my “curriculum” only lists 12 required courses, followed by dozens of “optional” courses. (which I intend to take full advantage of)

My first question: Are these required courses chronological? As in, I should begin with the first listed, and work my way down the list.

I ask, because I am curious if it is counterproductive to create a more “personalized” course of training.
For example, IMO, going into the learning stage of this, I would suspect it to be in my benefit, to review topics in the same progression as per say an actual inspection would occur.
…arrive on site, begin exterior inspection, head up to the roof, etc…

However, the “Roof Inspection” course, is 3 removed from the last required course in my curriculum.

Another, perhaps better example- I’m currently a portion of the way into ***“Attic, Insulation, Ventilation, and Interior”***.
I considered breaking away from this course momentarily, to take the "Inspection of Crawlspaces" course. Assuming this smaller course, would benefit in my progression of the larger, previously started "Attic…" course.

I suppose the bottom line, do any courses have prerequisites for others, so on and so forth. Having a background in general contracting, I know many of my strong areas, and the areas I’ll need to place extra focus on. But I want to ensure I don’t make this more difficult than it has be, or make the progression less natural.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions and feedback - I greatly appreciate it!

Hi Jeremy.

I think the best person to ask is Ben Gromicko… directly.

Thank you Jefferey, I will do that.

For sake of solution or resolution, and to any students who may share the same perspective as I expressed in the OP, I did pose this question to our Director of Education Ben Gromicko.
His suggestion is to reference the Residential Standards of Practice
An appropriate course progression may correspond to the SOP:

From International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection - InterNACHI

This suggestion certainly helps me and provides a more defined direction of study, hopefully some of you may benefit from it as well.
Good Luck!

Thanks for posting his reply so others may benefit from the info.