New template

I recently created a new template for doing 4 plex inspections.
I took my standard inspection template and made duplicates of all of the components that would be different in each unit. (Re one exterior component, but 4 multiples of Electrical)
I saved the template, but the duplicates did not export with the template. I had to open a report, then duplicate, then export the report in order for the duplicates to stick. (I exported to my phone, did inspection, and uploaded back with no issues: duplicates stuck. They still don’t come up when I open the template.)

Did I miss something?


Hi Mitch,
There is a multi-family template that works well in your templates folder. But to answer your question, when you use the Duplicate Sections feature it is not a template change its a report change. You can make your duplicates at the moment of inspection either with HG 5 or the HG Companion (both can duplicate sections). Duplicate Sections is a report change only and the next report will revert back to your default. This allows the user to use the same auto-comments and if naming rooms like multiple bathrooms they are different for each home.

If using the HG 5 you can also trim down items and Styles and material choices that will not be used in the multiple units. You could open your desired template, then select FILE Save Template as…and name it something like the buyers name. You will never use or need this copied template again and can delete it after the inspection. But, this will give you the freedom to delete inspection items and styles and materials that are not present. You would delete these before you duplicate sections.

Hi Russel,

Yes there is a template, but it doesn’t have the comments I have developed over the past 2 years in it. Is there a quick way to port those over to that template, other than copying each individual one?

If I “Save Template as…” does it not save the template or does it just save the report? I would like to develop my own template for this style of inspection, based on my base template, as this is the one with all of my comments in it.


Open the template you normally use.

File Save Template as…and name the template Multi…or whatever you like. Save.

Now you have made a copy of your original. Next use the Template changing toolbar to make your changes (ADD T, EDIT T, etc.) You can also open two instances of HG software and open my mutli famaly and copy from it if desired.