Hey Russell, I’m been playing with the new 5.2 template “rooms to system summary”. After watching your video I wanted to convert one of my customized templates to the same format but have run into a problem and hoping you can help.

I’ve deleted all the columns except the exclude. I’ve added additional summaries. I created the “Inspected” comment and have added it to the local list so that it automatically inserts when I start the report. The problem is although “Inspected” shows up on the item comments and all the columns are gone (except exclude), the status does not show the item as complete. I assume because I haven’t checked a column, which is of course is not there. So of course all the inspection items still show as unanswered.

What did I forget?

Hi David,
You didn’t forget anything. it was a bug in the beta but the new beta release yesterday should fix that.

let me know,

here is the link to the new beta http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?m=1113504903710&ca=bbae1fb2-7002-493d-ac88-efae18b4b61b

Hey Russell,

FYI, I made sure I had the latest release and updated again just to be sure. Template change still doesn’t work.