Thermal Imaging Website Video

Please critique in a polite and respectable way if possible. I realize it’s not perfect but it’s only my 2nd attempt. I’m still learning the ins-and-outs of Windows Movie Maker.

Windows Movie Maker is free and seems to do a pretty decent job in my opinion.
<iframe title=“YouTube video player” width=“640” height=“390” src=“” frameborder=“0” allowfullscreen></iframe>](

I feel like i’m in an elevator listening to santana

It would be really nice if you knew how to identify the thermal anomolies that you are claiming to identify…

Very good job on the video!

Can you explain this:

Please “advise” me so I can call Flir and teach “them” what it is they don’t know about their own company…

Brandon, what are your duties on FLIR’s Innovation Advisory Board?? Tell us more please or is this a fabrication? Rumor has it you will be Dave’s Level III instructor in April.:stuck_out_tongue:

So you have, have you?!

I know he must be listed in here someplace.
I just can’t find it…

Nice work Brandon, the music seems a little bit “busy” distracts from the images also I would slow down the time for each logo at the end, let people see them for a little longer.

Yes Mr. Anderson, I can explain anything you could possibly post about me. Not only can I explain it, I can remain to have class an integrity throughout the process vs. lowering myself to white trash.

You have made so many accusations about me and yet I have confronted EVERY SINGLE one of them with complete honesty. My only requests were for you to back up the things you were saying about me in our recent dispute. All you could do was avoid the subject and make some stupid joke about your wife vs. actually responding like an adult or actually confronting the questions you felt you were so right about, but were actually proven wrong.

I hoped we may could end this when I openly apologized to you for responding in anger. I had several people reach out to me explaining to me you were extremely out of line and unbelievably unprofessional. You see Mr. Anderson, I was bothered by our past incident because I actually had a bit of respect for you. Well that’s changed quite a bit.

I remember listening to you for 1.5 hours and 45 mins of it was you bad mouthing John McKenna and every single person you thought to be lesser than you while the other 40 mins was you boasting and bragging about the tons and tons of money you were able to make doing Commercial inspections and the other 5 mins was me saying “really” and “Uh huh” and “yep”. That was surely a great conversation. Seems I’m not the only one who’s had the honor of listening to you go on an on an on dogging others and putting others into the ground.

If you were truly that busy than you wouldn’t have the time to sit here and research everything you possibly could about me or any other fellow home inspector for that matter.

Do you think it makes you look more professional to try and slander or degrade another fellow InterNachi member on public forum? Have you ever seen me take the time to try an slander another member for things that I don’t agree with or that I THINK I know more about?

All of us members come from different backgrounds, generations, mind-sets, and even occupations. We aren’t always gonna agree with each-other, or think the same way, or do the same things, or have the same opinions. **The one thing we should all be the same on is acting like professionals and being respectful towards one-another.

Mr. Anderson, I have tried to be respectful towards you and yet you continue to try an degrade me making me continue to prove you wrong. Your not making yourself look any better or me any worse. You are acting like a bitter jealous child!

Do you think it makes this association look good when people run across these disputes amongst ourselves when were suppose to be fellow members of a professional association?

If you don’t agree with something I’m doing or think I’m doing something that’s causing you or anyone else harm or that may be mis-leading, than please pick up the phone and call me directly Ph. 801-781-0224. I’d be glad to give you as much time as needed. We can discuss our differences like 2 professionals and resolve any misunderstandings as respectful professional adults and not like 2 children bickering back and forth on a forum.

I don’t have time to analyze every post you make to simply try and find something wrong with it to be able to call you out like a kid. I have a business to run. How you do so much inspection work while also finding the time to study me to such an in-depth level is questionable?

Please Sir, I don’t read, much-less respond to your threads, or try to associate with you in ANYWAY. Can you PLEASE PLEASE show me the same respect!

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This is the email sent to me from FLIR concerning the Innovation Board. Would you like me to post my credit card statement proving that these fees were paid?


Thank you for the detailed update, and for promoting FLIR the way you have been. As I am sure XXX has expressed, we very much appreciate it! I am traveling in Wyoming this week, but I will reach out to Tim White first thing tomorrow morning.

Also, per your request here is budgetary pricing for the accessory lenses and training:

      ***Part Number***
     Telephoto - 15° Lens with Case
     Wide Angle - 45° Lens with Case
     Level I Training
     Building Science Training (3.5 days)

Detailed information on our training courses can be found at

Also, I noticed your posting on the Nachi boards inquiring into InfraMation. I would like to make you aware of an offer that was just released for the conference in Las Vegas next month. This below package is intended for some of our key customers that may be able to provide valuable insight towards future FLIR product development.

InfraMation Innovation Package $1,995:


  • InfraMation Registration
  • (4) IR Clinics ($300 value)
  • Free Guest Pass ($350 value)
  • iPad (16 GB) loaded with the Proceedings ($500 value)
  • That’s a $3,145 value for $1,995
  • Invitation to the Innovation Advisory Boards (details below)


What exactly is the Innovation Advisory Board? By accepting this offer, we are inviting these individuals to become a “Board Member,” and this means they will be interviewed by some of the world’s best infrared camera engineers. These interviews will be one-on-one, as well as group – or even focus group – meetings. We will, from time to time, ask them to take a survey – or even try a new infrared camera or software app before it is publically launched. They will become a “beta group” and, in the true sense of the phrase, part of FLIR’s “Innovation Advisory Board.” We will provide them with a certificate (along with their iPad) at InfraMation.


Let me know if this would be of interest to you, and I will see what I can do to shave the pricing down or assist with hotels in light of your support of FLIR products.

Best regards,

**District Sales Manager

**FLIR Systems, Inc
**11757 W. Ken Caryl Ave #F
Littleton, CO 80127

Direct: 800 745 4620 | Mobile: 303 956 6310 | Email:

FLIR Thermography:** [FONT=&quot]]([/FONT]**
ITC Training website:** [FONT=&quot]]([/FONT]**
Customer Support Site:** [FONT=&quot]]([/FONT]**
Extech Instruments:[FONT=&quot]]([/FONT]****
Camera Operation and Software Support: 800 464 6372

And this is just humorous as most of your posts. This document you’ve posted has nothing to do with ANYTHING pertaining to the subject at hand.

I am actually quite familiar with the FLIR pods given that I was an F-16 Aircraft Electrician at Hill AFB in the 388 Fighter Squadron for 4 years and the Avionics/pod shop was literally connected to our shop. I had to preform electrical maintenance on the pod connection plugs quite a bit.

I’m still confused how you posting a document about FLIR avionics pods has anything to do with my video?

Your either a severe drunk, so overcome with anger that your thinking has become clouded, or just plain dumb. I’m honestly beginning to wonder if I’m dealing with a sane person! Your anger towards me is extremely odd and I’m not the only one noticing.

Seems to me this offer was generated by a “District sales manager”. Flir, Boston has no information about this program (maybe they just weren’t invited to the party).

Yes; I’m sure they know all about your promoting…

Says you will be provided with a “certificate”.
I don’t recall that certificate amongst your pile of certificates (I just don’t have time to scour your resume).

More certificate collection…
I am sure Gerry would be proud of you!

You’ll do about anything for another certificate, won’t you?
You remind me of a Cub Scout collecting merit badges.

So where do you stand? Are you taking a stand towards “excellence” or are you still promoting thermal imaging courses based upon “mediocrity”?

From my perspective, it seems to me that you and I have the same concerns.

I have been watching you since you started improperly using other peoples copyrighted material on the Flir message board.
I’ll continue to watch what you do and question the validity of your claims.

Your video is a prime example of someone that owns some expensive imaging equipment and doesn’t know anything about what they’re pointing it at.

That Sir, is what fuels this conversation.

now please respond again and just make yourself look that much dumber!

I think this Video is one of the best ive seen. Excellent job

WOW!!! Swwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!!

John, Gregory, Thomas,

Thanks for the compliments! I’m still doing a bit of tweaking such as swapping some images out for better ones and I’m definitely still on the fence about the music. I’m also thinking a bit shorter might be better. Folks seem to have a short attention span these days.

Overall I’ve found that Windows Movie Maker can do some pretty neat things and seems super easy to learn.

If any of you guys need a video like this one than let me know. I’ll be glad to take the majority of the “Utah Infrared” info out, correct the spelling errors and re-post it so you can use it.

Thanks again and best of luck!