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Commercial and Home Inspection Report Software Features
Have any questions? Click on the Live Chat button at the top of the site, email us at support@HomeInspectorPro.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (888)750-4777.
We are often up late into the night! Check out the screen shots and animated tutorials to see how many of these features work.

Home inspection software that runs on Mac & Windows. All files are interchangable between the two versions of the program.
Includes Commercial & Home Inspection Templates. Many users have also uploaded their own home inspection templates, mold templates and more to our message board to be shared with other users.
Template System: Our unique template system allows you to easily customize the program so that only the features of the property you are working on appear on the report. You can create an unlimited number of templates which allow you to transform the look of the program to fit your needs. Everything from the menus down to the materials list can be customized. Once you finish a template you can share it with your friends, or upload it to our server for others to use. Inspectors currently use Home Inspector Pro to do everything from a pre-inspection to a 500 room hotel. Most other companies require separate programs to perform corporate and residential programs; here you can do it all with one! Our templates comply with all inspector associations including ASHI, CREIA & InterNACHI.
No need for Word, Access or other programs: Most home inspector software requires you to purchase Microsoft Access or Word. Not here. Everything you need is contained within one program.
Designed for Speed and Quality: Our inspection software was designed to excel on a Tablet PC or a UMPC such as the Samsung Q1 making data entry a snap.

Quickly Change Tables: Tables containing materials or types of damage can be quickly edited on the fly on the job site, or before hand. Either way, your work can be saved and used later within your template.

Upload Inspection Reports: Once you have finished a report you can upload it to the internet from within the program as well as have an email sent to the real estate agent and the home buyer/seller that has a link the the report for them to view.
Impress Real Estate Agents: When an agent logs into the website they are able to see all reports that have been uploaded for them, who performed the inspection, the date, and more. This is a great selling point to agents and keeps you organized as well.
Easy to read inspection reports: Your reports will get right to the point, listing exactly what’s wrong in an easy to read format. See a sample report for an example.

Table of Contents & Summary: Home Inspector Pro produces a table of contents along with it’s summary page. This allows real estate agents to quickly find the page they are looking for as well as produces a professional looking report.
Add Unlimited Photographs: You can add as many photographs into the report as you’d like. It’s easy to include a few photos for a condo, or a hundred photos for a large business. Then select the title of the photograph by quickly selecting from areas in your template, or type in your own.
Batch Add Photographs: With our batch add photo feature you can import hundreds of photos into the report in just seconds.
Photo Editor & Resizing: All pictures are automatically resized when you import them into the program. Then you can use the built in photo editor to draw arrows, adjust brightness and more!

Add Unlimited Documents: Want to add the ASHI or NACHI guidelines into your report? Want to add an introduction describing each area you inspect? You can add an unlimited number of documents into each template. The documents can have their own page or appear at the top of an inspection page.
Spell Check: Currently the program is being used in 5 languages that we know of, and so spell check has been added for each of those languages.

Address Book: An address book within the program is used to maintain data on all the real estate agents and other contacts you’d like to store. The realtor for the inspection is easily chosen from a drop down box containing your contacts.
Help Documents: Flash animated tutorials detail every part of the program. .

Contract Page: Create your own unlimited page contract and print it out on the job site, or email it to your clients before hand. Client information is automatically merged into the contract to make your job easier and your contract more professional. A spell check is also included!

Earthquake Page: Many states in earthquake areas require a form to be filled out. This special page has been integrated into the program and your report. If you don’t need it, it won’t print out and can even be removed from the program.
Great Looking Reports: You can add colorful headers and borders to the report. You can even have a different color assigned to each section.

What is the purpose of your post other then to showing off your ability to use cntl+c and then cntl+v?

Weird post of his. More like graffiti

How will entering Kenton’s comments differ from using the word doc I have now?

When Kenton is complete all his comments will be in the global list and the auto-comments at the local list of each inspection item will access them through the filter drop down. So all his comments will be accessible without any work on the inspectors part.

In HIP Kentons comments are one big lump of comments using the hip template as a catalog rather than a useable template.

In HG his template will be useable out of the box!

Awesome is there an eta?

Kenton is actively working on it and is making great progress. I can’t say when but likely within a month or so is my guess.

Will Kenton’s library have the ability to be added to my existing library, or will it overwrite?

You should be able to import your comments into his template.

Steve’s correct.


I like the idea that you can just pluck them out of the global list when you need a specific narrative and you can also save it locally if you think you’ll need it regularly in the future.

Yes, well the fact that his global list has many tiers of sub categories under the main category allows our Drop Down feature to work great. By using the drop down you can turn 100 comments down to the 25 specific you are looking for with a click and see the comment you want.

Note: HG users not aware of this feature can see it by clicking the auto comment button (magic wand) at the comment box and at the top of the auto comment window is a filter drop down. By going up to the global list and selecting a different category each time will fill the drop down with choices that filter out the other categories of that item.

When this is finished will it be part of a upgrade to HG5 for HG services subscribers who already own the narratives?

There will be an upgrade fee from Kenton for those that already have the narratives. I know its under $100. It will be totally worth it as his narratives are so easily accessible as a report template. Users will pay him through the INACHI outlet store I believe is what he said. More exact info soon.