Nick Gromicko Scores Big in Alberta News Column

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Good post Nick.

Guys go to this site and cast your vote for agree and disagree with the comments that are posted.
I posted the following comment
I am a member of the advisory committee reviewing the need for licencing of home inspectors. I represent the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a registered Association under the societies act of Alberta.
All the discussions in the committee are supposed to be confidential.
Mr MacDonald has violated that confidentially. He also has his facts all wrong. Last year the BBB had less then 8 complaints in Alberta over the last two years and 27 for all of Canada. How many thousands of inspections were done in Canada in this time period. I suggest you go to the BBB site and check for your self. The CBC should have checked this information before publishing this misinformation.
InterNACHI is conducting a survey of our members regarding insurance and licencing. I will release those numbers when the survey is complete.
InterNACHI has 145 certified inspectors in Alberta while CAHPI has only 64 Certified members listed on their website.

Where the hell are the stories of good? Just the other day my inspection actually save a client $62,000…No lie! With all the items that were wrong, instead of fixing them, they decided to credit the buyers $62,000. It was a $2.3 Mil home. For the 100,000 great home inspections these very few stories of someone missing a $15K defect seems to resonate through the minds of people.

Why is it we only hear their side of the story…this seems very askew. I actually had a lady curse me and told me that I was a horrible inspector and should have found her roof leak and she now needs a new roof and she would not have bought the house. New roof cost her $6000…now thats HER side of the story…the actual story being i did the home inspection 6 YEARS AGO!

I think those of use who have been in the industry for a while have had their calls for BS. I even had a lawyer send me a letter…he was a tax attorney and the house was the house of his girlfriend and they tried more or less extorting money from me just by send me letters. I asked to visit the property, they said NO. I asked if I could send licensed tradesman to the house to verify the defects, they said NO! I got my buddy who is an attorney to reply to their letter and have no heard from them sense…its been about 10 years. I do think people will complain to see if you will pony up a few bucks…

Thanks Vern. I correctly referred to them as the “smaller” association.

Russell your absolutely right. Here’s one of my many experiences on the plus side.
I testified as an expert witness last summer on behalf of a new home buyer.
The arbitrator ordered the builder to buy the house back for the current appraised value.