Nielsen ratings

I just had a woman come to my door wanting to put a “device” by my TV for a “little bit” of $.

I said no thank you and she replied that they will send someone else out here to get me to do it.

I said that I would thank them and send them away.

No one is putting a “device” by my TV to monitor my choices.

Anyone have experience with these people?

Every once in awhile I get one of their questionnaires in the mail with a dollar in it saying that I’ll get another dollar sent to me after submitting my answers. A free dollar I accept but working for a dollar, no thanks.

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They still do that?
I thought with all of he digital content, it would be easier to track now.

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George Orwell - 1984


11 years ago we cut the cable and since the at home we watch only streaming video - Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube…

I absolutely don’t mind the fact that the provider knows what I’m watching. The adds they send me are only in my interests - cars, technologies and construction. My wife’s computer shows ads for cooking, makeup and cosmetics, which I don’t wanna see on mine.

Thanks for your replies. I wondered where they got the Nielsen Ratings. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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“Thanks for the warning…”

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They’re watching you Larry…:laughing:

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I’ve got my tin foil! :joy:

watching, listening, tracking, motion, programming … and more, would be the full list.

They sent me the letter with the new dollar bill. Then they sent me a crisp $5.
I went along. I wear a small device about the size of an old beeper. They sent me $125 the first month now I get $100 a month for as long as I wear it.

I will tell them “politely” No, One Time…After that it is…


Do not entertain these kinds of peoples as they can be fraudsters and can really damage your Tv by giving you special offers

these people offer free accounts and other perquisites, just to fraud people. its good to stay away from them!!!