No Construction Experience?

Hey everyone!

 I just started studying the courses on here.  I have no construction experience and was wondering if anybody else is in the same boat, and if there's anything to supplement my lack of construction knowledge.  I have obtained a few books such as "Graphic Guide to Frame Construction" and a few others.  I'm testing fine on the courses, but I feel my grasp could be better.  My questions is, am I realistic to think I can do this without prior experience?  And would the InterNACHI courses (including the hands on walk through) be enough?

much information here

What is the Survival Rate For Home Inspectors?

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Can you bbe a home inspector with no construction or building experience.

I could never imagine doing this without maintenance and construction experience. However, I’ve met a few retired cops and military guys who successfully went into the home inspection business. Their only prior construction experience was doing DIY projects around their own homes.

NOPE, It can’t be done!!!

Just kidding. You will just have more to learn that’s all.

I highly suggest HOH I Colorado or HOH II Florida. Good Luck.

The learning curve will be steeper, but hey, one can learn almost anything given enough time and hard work!

The positive part is that your mind will be an empty vessel. The negative is that not everything you will be taught is necessarily correct or up-to-date.

Time to make a lot of friends in the trades!

For some basics of framing, i’d highly recommend watching the master himself (RIP) on this youtube channel

He covers everything you’d need to know to get a good grasp of how its done without actually doing it yourself, and he’s a great teacher. It’s also just really relaxing to watch these two guys frame up a house with nothing but a hammer, skilsaw, chalk, and a few hundred pounds of nails.

Go shadow a few contractors. You have to get some experience to be able to answer questions and make good determinations.