No Vent Propane Gas Fireplace

I am aware that ventless gas fireplaces are sold, but I would like to get some opinions on these units. Oxygen from the room is consumed, so some manufacturers recommend opening a window. An oxygen detection safety pilot will terminate the flame when oxygen levels dip below 18%. Suppose it doesn’t work! And of course there is monoxide and other issues. I never recommend continued use of these units by my clients.


I add this link to inspection reports, let’s the buyer make their own decision.*

…not to mention the high amount of moisture that is produced inside the room.

Thanks for the link Dale.*

This issue has been debated several times on the MB.

These units are permitted in most ares of the country(check with your local authority) and when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions with regard to areas of use(not in sleeping areas) and the need for ventilation in very well sealed homes.

There have been no known deaths associated with the use of these units.

The oxygen depletion sensor makes them reasonably safe and in use are much like using your gas oven or stove top for long periods.
They are not to be used as the primary heat source.

I advise clients to obtain the instructions and follow them.

I had one of these in a prior home for over ten years.

They are commonly used in my area. They are a lot safer than the old vented heaters.

I used one for three years and never had a problem but I did follow the instructions including keeping the air intake clean of dust, cat hair, etc.

I slam these guys when ever I find one just recently ran a co test on this one and would not have one in my home either 3 to 4 times greater than the amount of co produced by a gas oven.

The 30,000 BTU unit I had never read above 1 PPM CO when tested.

**At what level does carbon monoxide become toxic?
**For healthy adults, CO becomes toxic when it reaches a level higher than 50 ppm (parts per million) with continuous exposure over an eight hour period.

0-1 PPM Normal background levels.
9 PPM ASHRAE Standard 62-1989 for living areas.
50 PPM OSHA enclosed space 8-hour average level.*
100 PPM OSHA exposure limit.*
200 PPM Mild headache, fatigue, nausea and dizziness.
800 PPM Dizziness, nausea and convulsions.
Death within 2 to 3 hours.

  • U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health
    Administration (OSHA) Regulation 1917.24: The CO content in any
    enclosed space shall be maintained at not more than 50 PPM
    (0.005%). Remove employees from enclosed space if the CO
    concentration exceeds 100 PPM (0.01 %).

I currently have one of these fireplaces in my living room. Have owned this home for about a year and a half, and we love our fireplace. It heats most of the downstairs level of the home. 4000 sf home, built in 1906, so being “airtight” isn’t a real problem. The oxygen sensor on the fireplace, in addition to the C02 detector on the wall, I feel comfortable we aren’t going to choke to death. Like Jim said, you have to clean the windows and sliding glass door a lot, because it does create a lot of moisture in the room…other than that, we love it and use it daily in our cold climate.

This is what i put in my inspections
Recommend to read manufactures instructions and understand the safe operation of vent less appliances.Recommend a carbon monoxide detector to be installed ,If you are going to use any solid fuels ( gas wood or oil) This is for your safety .

I use the kiss
(keep it simple stupid )
Works most of the time

I like them much better than Kerosene Heaters!

I just checked with a licensed gas tech. NOT ALLOWED IN ONTARIO.

There not allowed in many area’s But allowed in TN

Legal in 47 states.

Nice to know someone has some smarts;-)

I’ll make sure everyone checks with you before purchasing one.:roll::roll:

Health can be affected as low as 15ppm though.

The only safe level of co in ambient space is zero IMHO.

Great site
Jim Davis heads their carbon monoxide/combustion analysis course … he is a wealth of knowledge and a great guy to boot.

Who can pass their co quiz?