Non-operational jets in jacuzzi tubs

Easy to refer to a brand name so for the same reason I use the generic “jetted tub”. Also keeps your clients away when they come back later and say " I thought you stated these were Jacuzzi tubs…"

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When I was an apprentice I would call adjustable pliers Channellocks Same thing.


3 out of 6? My bet is that GFCI outlets are tripped off.

We did an inspection and the jets did not work. Because we though we tripped off a GFCI off, we went on a hunt for the reset that took about a half hour. We found the GFCI above a drop ceiling in the basement more than 30 feet from the tub. While the tub was running the seller came home and was amazed. She said they have lived there for 3 years and in all that time the tub has never worked!


Hard to believe someone paid a builder to build them a house and just accepted it as fine that only half of the jetted tubs they paid for worked…I was never able to find customers like that…


Seen that a few times myself! always wondered what the thinkin’ was. seemed like a dumb place to me.

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Agree Bob! I’m thinkin’ that the builder and or electrical contractor didn’t want the buyer thinkin’ “what the hell is that for” if open and obvious and then having them to take their precious time to explain what it is and why it was there, therefore they hid it behind a door. Then they left it up to the buyer once the property was sold and sitting on the john, looking up and thinkin’ " what the hell is that and what is it for…" :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And yes, the reason I said Jacuzzi is because the brand of the tubs is actually Jacuzzi.

If I recall correctly, the few Jacuzzi jetted tubs I installed years ago had air switches to turn the motor on and off. These and the plastic tubing [ think fish tank] were prone to failure.

James air switches sometimes come with the tubing disconnected from the air switch. Often the installers snag the tubing. Part of the install process is to verify pump union connections and air switch tubing. I’ve never heard of a bad air switch but I’m sure they’re out there.

So are we to assume all of the Jacuzzi tubs you mentioned are jetted tubs?

Had one recently where I couldn’t activate the motor from the air switch, the seller came it and beat the thing like a stolen mule and the motor started…I just looked at the buyer and said apparently that’s how it is done…


Lol! I’ve seen vacation rentals that I inspected that were being sold that had placards placed around systems and appliances for instructions how to get them to work. Makes me think “Knock 3 times and flip the switch back and forth twice…should come on. May take 4 knocks and a tap on the switch”