Not all traps are equal

Plaster trap

Dumb question Barry. Since the drain outlet is well above the bucket, how do you change this thing out without making a mess?

I asked the same dumb question and was told
They raise and tip the bucket above and toward the outlet (partial reason for flex hose), remove lid, simple enough and worked once I tried it. Not quite what the instruction say but Gertrude explained that her technique was better.

Luckily this was brand new never been used so no plaster weight was involved.
Gertrude, lab tech, looked like one of those Russian female??? weightlifters from the 80’s.

She said, “Nyet big deal.” not sure if she meant the bucket or me :smiley:

I’m sure Gerty can handle anything Barry.

From Olsen’s website on Changing the Trap

I think using this type would be a little easier and have no need of Gerty.ha. ha.
:slight_smile: :smiley:

Marcel - just out of curiosity was that in a cast room in an ER somewhere.

Hi. Jack, Actually it was a classroom setting art room where some plaster work is used and these sediment traps handle the solids, one for each sink and the canister opens from the top. :smiley: :slight_smile:

I’ve seen almost that same set up in 2 different cast rooms.