NXT INSPEKT administrative software for home inspectors is now free for InterNACHI members for 5 years

Absolutely. I also donated to Cozy Cots 4 Kids last year and even gave ANYONE who donated $100 to Cozy Cots last year, $300 off HIP!


I’m not denying that it costed you something. But it isn’t a donation. I’m not here to shame you into sponsoring a kid though. Well, maybe a little. :wink:

Let’s go 50/50 on a sponsorship. I’ll put up $500 if you do.

Really? Who are you? I’ll bet a quick Google search doesn’t produce any findings on you. Why don’t you do a quick one on me. Nathan definitely isn’t using my profile.

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True business owners use administrative software because it makes them more efficient and effective. The most well known for home inspection companies costs $4 an inspection plus $15/month for SMS services. If a company does 1000 inspections per year, this would be $20,000 plus in the bank over 5 years. I’d call that a very nice gift.


This software is pretty awesome we switched from ISN to NXT in 2018 . It has worked very well for us and is very easy for our office staff to use.

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Welcome back to our forum, Melissa!..Enjoy! :smile:

Be it Inspector Services Group, Residential Home Warranty, or NXTInspekt – This group and their leaders truly operate, design, create products that reach to like minded professionals who become loyal clients. They continue to have success as demonstrated by their longevity in our field. NXTInspekt is a great example of professional feedback turning into a management application that is simple but evolves with every new inspector | inspection firm. We have used NXTInspekt since the inception. Great product, Great customer service…


Welcome to our forum Robert!..Enjoy! :smile:

Thanks Larry - I enjoy all perspectives that inform our industry. To your success! Cheers~… Dave

I understand that one… … …

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I have been involved with Nathans services for 10 years and believe rws is a huge part of my success. Nathan has taken a service that used to cost me thousands of dollars a year, and through his alarm leads program managed to get alarm companies to pay for the cost instead of me. So in summary while my competitors are complaining about multiple offers on homes have turned in to buyers eliminating home inspections, My company is extremely busy, and Nathan has eliminated a huge cost for me. So for me more business and less expenses is a winning formula. Thanks for your constant innovations Nathan, you provide a great service to our community.

Please not again. Didn’t we have more than enough of Nathan and his crew a few years ago.


Have you been this adamant about not using ISN? They sold client data even before they were acquired…

Nat is no dummy and there is little fight left in the dog. My money is now on Thornbury for Best NACHI Comeback 2021. :thinking:

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I don’t use any third party vendors for this type of service.
I use well qualified personnel in my office to handle any such tasks that I don’t personally handle.

I’ve been using RWS warranties for 2years, I started using NXT inspekt 6months ago and it has been incredible. It saves time, the agents love it, it keeps me informed daily about my business so I can set, obtain, and exceed new goals. Glad I have it in my arsenal of tools. Haters will hate. We’ll wave as we pass them moving onward and upwards.


I’m just saying…

HomeGauge - Owned by American Family Insurance…

ISN, PalmTech and America’s Call Center - Owned by Porch (talk about people REALLY wanting to sell client data)…

But this Thornberry guy does something and everybody loses their mind because he hurt their feelings or something :joy:

Kudos to you for having all your own proprietary software and staff to handle reports, scheduling, communication, etc though! That’s no small feat!

It’s great to see the haters spew total nonsense that has been proven to be false time and again. Ask a Top member who’s grown their business every year with RWS tools. Ask about when Nathan has written a letter at 3:00am for a Top member that was leaving on vacation the next day to help sooth out a client situation because he didn’t want him to worry while he was gone for a week. Ask a Top member who stupidly listened to NACHI forum trolls and home inspection coaches for years expound false truths only see almost every member leave that group and join Top and achieve so much more success. For the trolls who only come out of their cave when they hear someone asking about warranties, RWS or Nathan, you come across as petty, and your message continues to fall upon deaf ears. Best of luck to you all as you continue to swim against the current.

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All of a sudden they show up - coincidentally after not posting for
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