Obama: We are our brothers keeper

Didn’t Obama say we are our brothers keeper?

Pretty sad if its true. :frowning:


Oh it’s true alright. Odd how the press ignores it for the most part.


Yes, I am willing to help with a very small donation. Right choice


Heck no! Not my problem or I do not agree with this fundraiser.

Help the Obama family do the right thing…:slight_smile:

George Obama said in the interview that he was raised well, he likes it in Kenya and wants to continue to live there. What’s the problem?

His cheap brother.:roll:


The Corner

A lot of emailers have been taking a look at the Obamas’ tax returns from 2000 to 2006, just released by the campaign. Several are pointing out the couple’s charitable contributions prior to Barack Obama’s big book-related payday —

in 2002, the Obamas

contributed $1,050 from an adjusted gross income of $259,394, and

in 2001 they gave $1,470 from an adjusted gross income of $272,759.

They contributed far more in Obama’s big earning year, 2005, when they gave $77,315 on an adjusted gross income of $1,655,106.

Well thats not very liberal of you :smiley:

Obviously George doesn’t want to make an issue for his brother… AND a very proud individual. But you can see it in his face, look in his eyes…(link post #3)… its sad.

I’m sorry Peter, I didn’t realize that you know this man and know that what he says isn’t really what he means. I mean, why even conduct the interview, we all already know what he’s thinking, why even let him talk. :roll:



(picture of George - note he does not have any Obama signs in his yard…!)

Where’s Barak Obama? Your brother needs you (mabey Barak is at church…
listening to another sermon on hate-America-black-power from Rev Wright)

Ya think? :slight_smile:

Your absolutely right Kevin,… I’m sure George Obama is a very happy man living in poverty. I don’t know what came over me. lol I’m OK now,… I put my blinders back on. Ahhhh everything is warm and fuzzy again. Oh,… and I forgot you never post anything from people you actully DONT "know"

Must be typical with some that have a liberal mindset.

Per the NR, here is a chart of the Bidens’ giving for the years covered by the tax returns:

                    Gross Income              Charity
  1998             $215,432                      $195
  1999             $210,797                      $120
  2000             $219,953                      $360
  2001             $220,712                      $360
  2002             $227,811                      $260
  2003             $231,375                      $260
  2004             $234,271                      $380
  2005             $321,379                      $380
  2006             $248,459                      $380
  2007             $319,853                      $995
  Total             $2,450,042                    $3,690

Now Mike, you know you should post Sarah Palins as well to show how the republicans donate less because they care less for the folks in need! Shame on you!:wink:

Didn’t you hear Obama. He is coming to save us all,… except his brother! :roll:

I have never heard one person here say what they like about Obama. :mrgreen:
I don’t blame em.

Reality… Like a cold wet blanket: Obama Leads for Ninth Straight Day :mrgreen:

Source: Gallup

PRINCETON, NJ – Registered voters across the country continue to favor Barack Obama over John McCain for president, now by 50% to 43% in Gallup Poll Daily tracking from Oct. 2-4.

Read more: http://www.gallup.com/poll/110935/Gallup-Daily-Obama-Le…



Hot dog! O’ Liberal is creaming McLiberal. :|.)

OK, but you made me do it.:wink:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin made considerably less money than rival Sen. Joe Biden, but the Palin family gave more to charity in the last two years than Biden has in the last eight combined, according to Palin’s tax records released Friday afternoon.

Palin, the running mate of presidential candidate Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), and her husband Todd reported meager earnings from 2006 and 2007, at least by presidential-politics standards.

In 2006, the **Palins **paid $11,944 in taxes on $127,869 in income. In 2007, they paid $24,738 on $166,080.

But in 2006, they donated $4,880 to charity, and in 2007, they donated $3,325.

By contrast, Biden (D-Del.), Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s running mate, has donated a total of $3,690 since 1998 despite his higher Senate salary, according to an analysis posted by National Review.

That’s right folks Biden gave an average of $369 per yer for the last 10 years. :roll:

And there is this:

Recall what Barack Obama said in his appearance at the Saddleback Forum in August:
“Americans’ greatest moral failure in my lifetime,” he said, “has been that we still don’t abide by that basic precept in Matthew that whatever you do for the least of my brothers, you do for me.”

The Palin’s gave much less than the 10% real Christians are supposed to give, why am I not surprised! For a family who wears their g-d on their sleeves it appears that the Palin’s fall far short of what is required of a follower, while paying lip service to their moral turpitude.

Conservatives have no candidate…which explains why they are forced to pretend they like the VPILF.

Nice try Joey.

The average American gives 2% to charity.
Biden gave less than 1/4 of 1%.

The party that keeps claiming they want to help their fellow Americans and that we aren’t doing enough sure does’t practice what they preach.:shock::roll::shock: