Official Report on Florida Licensing

Hi to all:

It is my pleasure to provide you the Official position of the DBPR.

As your State Legislative Committee Member, I proudly served as NACHI’s representative during the public workshops on the issue. I have read the report in its entirety and have compared the personal notes I wrote versus what has been reported. Every person that publicly participated and gave an opinion was recognized in the report. Not by name, but by opinion.

Now that you all have the Official Report, you can see for yourselves the amount of work and thought that has gone into the report.

The 2006 HI Bill 153 has been pulled. SB 1045 Mold is still pending.

Please take the time to read the entire report.

I would like to thank all of the support I received from NACHI members throughout the State of Florida and Beyond. I would like to thank Blaine Wiley, John Bowman, Gerry Beaumont, and Nick Gromicko for all of the help and support. The Florida Membership truly appreciates it.

Alternatives to Licensure: Stakeholder Workshops on Home Inspections and Mold Assessment and Remediation](

Thanks for your time and effort Jay.

Gracias Jay!


Excellent work, I haven’t studied it entirely but the layout is just what was needed to see the manifold options, conditions and limitations contained in all of the various bills, really a first rate production that you can be proud of.

Can we next expect the efforts of the Legislative Committee will result in the development of a NACHI Position Paper on licensing?

I would just like to take a moment and apologize for previous comments. In the past I have been a vocal critic of this committee, I can now see that was a big mistake, you have exceeded my expectations and it was foolish for me to doubt your resolve. We may not always agree but from this time forward you have my sincerest respect.

Joe B.

Thank you for the kind words. The Legislative Committee is resolve and will continue to support any legislation that will not put anyone who is in business today out of business tomorrow and will never support legislation that has any trade association bias.

The DBPR and the Governor’s office should be commended for the effort put forth in the response.

In my original post I thanked some individuals. I need to point out the valiant efforts and dedication from the members of FAPHI. Doug Edwards and Harold Weise have held the torch burning much longer than I have and I am so proud to be a part of such a fine group of individuals.

Greg and Harvey, Thank you!

Great job. I keep an eye on these bills. I like to tie in who is sponsering these bills how they would benifit from them. Just like last year it was a lawmaker who was a realtor. Wow probably wrote by her favorite home inspector. If you search long enough you can find out who knows who.

I agree completely, no one who is in business whenever the legislation is passed should have to fear being put out of business. I hope that sentiment holds true for the proposed mold bills too, and just maybe it will due to the effort your committee has made with the DBPR.

I predict the days of trade association biased legislation is over too. The resources required to get passage of a biased bill never come to fruition for the favored association, as those bills are always overturned when reveled under the light of reason. Licensing should concern itself with consumer protection and not restriction of trade. Please keep up the good work.


Great work. Thank-you.

Got an e-mail and a phone call today from Mesa services saying the mold bill will pass and they will help us through it.

Nice work Jay. Thank you so much for sticking with this. And special thanks to for getting us all on top of it from the beginning.

Hi to all,

Lets just rmember to be vigalent when the mold bill is going through the houses, I would not be at all surprised to see a home inspector Bill get tacked onto it.




You were not supposed to let that cat out of the bag. It was supposed to be a big surprise for everyone.

This bill has government big spending to get it up an running written all over it. This comes at a time when we do not have enough money to build schools.

Oooooops, sorry Greg I forgot :wink:




All this week Jeb has been in the news talking about all the money Florida has now. They are going to give a $100 rebate to every property owner. He announced a big new spending bill for schools.

I do agree that this bill is going to take a lot of money. That is one reason that I would not be too surprised if a more restrictive bill for home inspectors were added. IMHO


The ball is in your part of the playing field

What do we do at this point in time?

It seem that some (Bell) think that everything is not dead - like maybe FAPHI and others want something

The term “more restrictive” sound like someone is out to punish HI’s for the fact that Bush vetoed the last bill.

I don’t like just letting items of this nature to rest in the hands of the political machine or HI’s that want to legislate the competition



It is all just speculation. I have heard that this could be a possible scenario, but who really knows.

Like you I am confident that Jay will be on top of things.

Greg did you get a call from MSEA. The guy seemed rude

Hey Gary,

I haven’t heard from them.