Thank You Florida NACHI

Hi to all:

In the next few hours, we are going to learn the direction of the HI industry here in Florida.

I wanted to Thank each and every one of you who have shown and given me support over the past few years. Thank you for the phone calls, emails, private messages, and countless amounts of hours doing your part when needed.

As promised, the State Chapter Plan will be announced in the next few weeks. I have been in contact with many NACHI inspectors throughout the State. There are many of you that would like to serve in some capacity. Your aspirations have not gone unnoticed.

The battle in Legislation in this State has only begun for Florida NACHI members. A VETO or a Passage by the Governor is only the start, not the end of this fight.

I promise it will take a lot of hard work, commitment, and focus to make this work. I am looking forward to working with each and every one of you.

Whether your in the Pan Handle, JAX, Naples, Orlando, Tampa, or Miami, your input will be crucial to the success of this new venture.

Count me in. I know I fly way off to the right or left sometimes but I am in this for the win. I have sent and called in so many messages in the past few months. My feeling is that no matter what the reason, government has no business in my business. Jay, you have been a straight shooter throughout. I want to work with you and our fellow members to make our professionals stand out and rise above the rest. Good luck everyone and to those of you that have dissed NACHI on this board… BITE ME!! Matt, you rock! Thank you to all that have been as active as possible. I cannot wait to find out which crayon Chuckles uses to veto the bill. Word has it that if he signs it into law, he will use a pink one.

I’ve come into this rather late in the game, but I would gladly participate and work with you in some capacity. I am not strictly opposed to some type of legislation, but this current bill is a lose-lose-lose as far as I can see. We can’t sit back and just wait for what the Realtors or the homebuilders will try to do for us in the future.
If SB2234 is signed into law, we have o do what we can to try and shape it for our future. If it is vetoed, the FAR and the homebuilders will obviously try again. We will have to hit each of the lawmakers with valid reasons they should ignore these attempts.
Thanks for your work.


If we keep letting government in our business, then the next step they will try is getting in our personal life. Before you know it you will have to be state licensed just to live in your own home… let me know if I can be of any help

We have to put together a well organized Fl NACHI Chapter. Even if we have to pay additional anual fees.

FABI does a great job and we need to do the same. Their is no reason we cant do a much better job. I know there are many inspectors ready to get this chapter rolling.

We have to be involved with this bill as the changes are made. We fought a good fight now we have help get the proper changes made.

Did the bill pass or get signed into law yet?

There is a bright side to all of this…

With the stroke of your governor’s pen…all of the certificates hanging upon the walls in the offices of Jeff Hooper and Jerry Peck have turned brown and are floating to the ground like dead leaves.

They…you…and all other Florida home inspectors all share the same level of qualification required to be hired by the citizens of your state. As you all stand in line to attend the same ITA class to relearn the basics, show them your new Yellow Page ad…“I do what Peck and Hooper do…but I do it for $150. Call me, today!”

Hey Paul,

Gerry Beaumont said it was signed into law today.

We have to create a well **ORGANIZED **Fl NACHI chapter and be part of the fine tuning process of this bill. Trust me there are changes in the works, as NACHI members we have to be part of the fine tuning process to ensure the bill offer BOTH consumer and inspector protection and to ensure the bill is fair to all in business.

We must get involved.

I am a licensed engineer in the state of florida. As engineers are licensed I do not feel to belong to any organization. I will have to think hard about keeping my Nachi membership after 2010 as it will not matter anymore.

According to your post, you are not presently a NACHI member.


So just because you have a piece of paper from the state you are going to blow off all the benefits of belonging to a group that strives to make the industry better? I have known a lot of engineers that lack common sense, I will just add one more to the list.

Before becoming an engineer, I worked on troubleshooting and repairing what engineers has designed. Lack of common sense was often evident.
When I then worked as an engineer with other engineers I was often surprised how little they knew outside of their area of “expertice”.:frowning:

I recall that, in the corporate world, they were often the butt of many jokes. The engineer at the meeting was the guy who had the pen leaking in his pocket with one shoe untied. Linear thinkers…incapable of abstract thought. Sterotypically speaking, of course. Not all of anything is the same in every circumstance.


I am a NACHI member. It is incredible how I was a attacked without you guys knowing a little of my background… Hey, anyone is entitled to their opinion.

Attack??:shock: :shock: Who are you and who attacked you?

I made reference to the engineers I personally dealt with in another business life. Your post reflects you as a non-member, which is why I brought up the question of your current membership status.

This Donique claims to be a NACHI member, but is not listed as such in his post

“Donquique” May be a latin rapper? LOL

yadda yadda yadda. See you guys at the examinations. Maybe not…

Ain’t “Donquique” latin for Hooper? :mrgreen: