Oklahoma Inspection form

I just received my Oklahoma inspection license. Does Oklahoma require a specific inspection form like here in Texas. If not what form do y’all recommend. Thanks

This never came up anywhere in the licensing? I believe Texas is one of the few (only?) states that requires a standardized form. I’d go back through the licensing info or maybe cruise a couple Oklahoma HIs websites for sample reports. You should be able to tell pretty quickly if the reports are different. If not a standard form, asking which software is like the Ford/Chevy debate… fwiw, there are a ton of past threads on that.

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I couldn’t find anything either and thought I would ask. Thanks

Are you located in Gilmer, TX? That’s a haul to OK!

OK does not appear to have a promulgated form like TX. Why not use the Texas form without all the TX references on it? You can strip all that out easily and keep consistency in your inspections.

Not but about a hour and a half to Broken Bow. But that’s what I’m thinking about doing with the Texas report

No state required form. Just have to be sure you cover all items in title 158 chapter 70 which regulates Oklahoma inspections.