Old Square D service

There were no markings for guidance - home was built in 1958. I’m guessing 100amp service?

Go with the size of the SEC or cabinet, if smaller, Andrew.

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Hard to tell the conductor size from the photo. You probably need to pull the handle and check the fuses to see the size.


It’s also triple lugged :smiley: Why not! :wink:

Yeah - I thought that would be the only option. This was only an insurance 4-Point inspection, not a full home inspection. So my report will be I wasn’t able to determine the amperage, but it definitely needs to be upgraded. Interesting that the homeowner said her husband is an electrician - he replaced the FPE distribution panel 5 years ago…

What is that disconnect for?

The cobblers kids have no shoes… :smile:


Roy - this is the service main disconnect.

It’s a CL200 meter - doesn’t that make it a 200-amp service? :roll_eyes:

Judging from the SE cable and meter pan it looks like a 100 amp service.

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That was my estimate… like I told the homeowner, it is old enough to need upgrade. Pretty sure this is original from 1958.

The size of the meter has no bearing on the size of the conductors feeding the panel.

I agree, but the meter pan would limit the service size. If it were a round 60 amp meter pan then it wouldn’t be a 100 amp service even if it had 100 amp conductors.

I was being sarcastic - CL-200 =200 amps…

Yup, that has no bearing on the service size. :slightly_smiling_face:

Observation: Old Square D 100 Amp Cartage Fused Pull Out Disconnect.
Vintage Obsolete.
Recommend: A licensed electrical contractor update the disconnect.
# Square D 100 amp fuse holder pull out - MAIN DISCONNECT WITH 100 AMP FUSES