Oldest Members of Inachi

Is there a list of the Oldest Members of Inachi Org. available for the curious minds?

Not including Nick, who is the elder of the Org.

Nick, can you provide with the info?


Do you mean who has been a member the longest, or who is just the oldest caveman :smiley:

I know that Bill Tuttle (I think that is the right name) who lives in Orlando is the first member of NACHI.

I am the first member from Florida.

:mrgreen: Member the longest.

Thanks Greg.
Is Bill Tuttle still a Member?

Just wondering if Inachi computers could spit out all the longest members in the Organization?

Greg, you’ll be 10 years next year. Nice going. :slight_smile:

Bill Turtle was our first member. I think Joe Hagarty was our second. Our oldest in age is likely Roy Cooke.

Bill Turtle NACHI # 99060101

I am the best looking :D:D does that count???

Buck Hartley in Kansas City is in his late 60’s or 70’s I think.

Pat Carter in KC is really old BUT don’t know how old.

Thanks guys, that is interesting. And I knew the oldest was my old friend was Roy.
My congratulation to Greg Bell for having been here this long. :slight_smile:

How’s it going red Hat?

Good morning Jim.
Well, Charley did attact a few ladies up in the balcony with his red hat, didn’t he? :mrgreen:

He did indeed partner…

I’m a lad in dog years.

And that is what Joe, 8 years old.?:mrgreen::wink:

When was Inachi first year?

It would be neat to have a list updated every year with most years of membership being top of list.

Does Inachi have affiliate membership?

I believe I will have 8 years January 2012.

Good project for Nick to come up with.

The History and Rise of INACHI

Marcel, you and I are both coming up on 7 years now.
Time fly’s.

Seems like just yesterday Pete. Got to keep pushing on those 10 year pins. :mrgreen:

Ya, be here before we know it!!!