Olshan waterproofing 5 days after they did 'repairs', sheesh

My Q to homeowner on ESTIMATE would have been, Are you ONLY leaking aka getting water duh, at-around the basement window?

Because IF this homeowner was only leaking around that B window then, he did NOT need a new window well, that is apparently what they did and apparently installed a sum pump… now why would anyone install a stupid sump pump if homeowner was only getting water in through–around that B window… yeah uh huh, call 'em Olscam.

Yeah yeah, i see a crack at edge of window, it might penetrate through the wall hence IF it does, it’ll leak sometimes. So even IF this crack needed to be waterproofed AND seal around n under the B window (i’d have told him get new block window before doing any digging/waterproofing), the job would be done outside, hand dug all the way down only in that area, maybe 6’ in length and again, all the way down to footing, NO installation of dumb sump pump, don’t need it!

So IF the crack leaked sometimes, he gets new window installed and then you dig that small area out n waterproof it, the crack and around-under the B window, NO NEED for a stupid NEW window well either= idiots.

So i again wonder aloud, how much did they charge this homeowner for stupid sht

“The window well they put in wasn’t the proper one”… NO!

Jezzzus man, no, a new window well is NOT the answer, not the solution.

Homeowner either had water coming in because of exterior openings around-under the stupid window… and maybe the crack. A new window well doesn’t fix–repair the gaps-openings around n under a stupid azz B window, nor a crack in wall!!!

And this Milkman has to guess Olshan didn’t dig DOWN to footing, didn’t haul all soil away and didn’t backfill with all gravel inside the stupid well, duh because water built up inside the well or who water rushed into well from perimeter and broke the stupid azz window! As i friggin said, replace the window glass block, no vent, dig the sob DOWN to footing, haul all soil away, seal that area of wall, crack etc and under-around NEW window… backfill with all gravel because THEN, water won’t build up INSIDE lousy new–old window well and i bet CHA waterproofing that small area correctly and getting new glass block window would have cost this homeowner LESS $$ than what Olshan got

Here’s happy n gay Bubba lolll, see the previously installed Glenn Haege Midnight Special???

How much money was spent on this CRAP? And i do mean crap, cuz that’s what it is.

They put in a NEW window well lolllll and they dug down about 18" and put in some stupid vertical drain tile and gravel, did that work? Was that the solution??? lollllll smFh

Yeah that’s right, there really ARE many idiots who THINK they are basement waterproofing experts, Pfttttttttttttttttttttt pfttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt !!!

This homeowners problems were deteriorated rod hole (could NOT see from inside as she has a FINISHED bathroom here, drywall up eh), and she had some other ext-openings in M joints etc, THOSE were WHY water entered, they were why she leaked, NOT because she needed a SttttOOOOpid new window well

lol homeowner took another video, this one of a closer view of wall n crack and corner - crack extends a lil further towards corner, no biggie just saying… AND am guessing Olshan talked him out of more $$$ for the beam… looks like they talked him into a sump pump, beam and new window well ! ! ! loolll
SCammmmmmmmmmmmm, INcompetent bs

Hey, ya TINK Miami condo building needed something like this?

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