OMG - Possibly the worst Wind Mitigation Inspection Ever.

An Insurance agent sent this to us today. She said it took the cake for the worst wind inspection she has ever seen. I have to say… I agree with her. Names have been whited out to protect the innocent. :shock:

Well I am just glad it was not me. :slight_smile:

Mike if it was your name may not have been “protected” :smiley:

Evidence of why there are wind mit audits.

My spidey senses were tingling GC all the way. :mrgreen:

It actually looked like the pricks handwriting who put my signature on his reports. He is still an InterNACHI member after all that crap.

No not spidey senses I think you get all tingly anytime you you think about G.C.'s :smiley:

Actually… I hate to admit it… but it was a woman… (Ugh!)
And, she isn’t a member of Inter-Nachi… I checked. :o) PHEW!!!

It was probably my ex-wife she was an architect and a G.C.
I really do not think she does them but who knows I have not spoke to her since the day we signed the papers that was over 10 years ago.

I would just fall over if that was true. Here first name did not start with a M did it?

what is your ex-wife’s first name?:roll:


nope. Not Her :wink:

Damn - I was squirming in my seat with anticipation

I hate to admit it but me to.:freaked-:

Well, maybe it was only a $25 inspection.

Or even a $50 inspection

Yes…I do hear those are going around…:shock:

Yes I do hear those are going around…:shock:

must be a lowballer