One (a worst panel) in his own home!

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My first post. I have one (a worst panel). In my own home (?!?!).

When I experienced a possible open ground condition in a 120V circuit, I looked inside the 4sq. box which contained two switches, only to find the old cloth covered "Romex?". 1 - 14-2 w/ gnd, 2 - 14-2 cloth-covered, and 1 - 14-2 newer NM with ground.

The switches were the non-gnd'ing type, and the older cable that did have a ground, had it's gnd tied to the two brown (neut?) wires of the 2 - 2-wire cables.

The gnd from the newer Romex was tied to the metal box with a listed gnd'ing clip, but not sure where the gnd goes. (Box is not grounded!)

So, I went to the panel to see what I could find. Oh, by the way, one of the switches was a dimmer switch that controlled a receptacle!

Oh, the brown cloth covered wire whose corresponding green-covered wire was connected to the other two browns, was slightly touching the side of the box and also touching a roofing? nail inside the box!!

Was this nail holding the box on, or a poor attempt at a ground?

Circuit is off, now. Dimmer has been removed. In the process of upgrading.

Oh, the panel...numerous violations...Doorbell X-former inside the panel?

I moved into the house as a teenager before I learned about electricity, everything seemed to be fine until recently.

Joe Tedesco, NEC Consultant