One year old deck

Support posts notched,improperly cut, splitting, not set on a proper pad. excessive nailing weakening structural members. wood rot, non gripable rails, unsecured rails … and on and on and on I cut the report short after 9 or 10 comments and approx. 20 pics … I think they will get the hint from that. :roll:


Holt_3_11_08 069.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 068.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 060.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 062.jpg

and more



Holt_3_11_08 085.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 094.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 082.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 069.jpg

last one

Holt_3_11_08 081.jpg


Holt_3_11_08 097.jpg

Holt_3_11_08 096.jpg

Good thing you attended that Simpson Strong Tie Course at the Greater Philadelphia Chapter Meeting!


Erin did a great job at the meeting… definitely helped when I was explaining things to my client.

FWIW We have a new meeting place for the Pocono-Northeast PA iNACHI Chapter starting in April … Four Seasons Restaurant at 5000 Milford Road, East Stroudsburg PA 18302
More info on speakers to follow and we expect a full house!

Don’t forget this Thursday’s meeting on basement and crawlspace waterproofing!

Chris, nice work, great post.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley:

which post? the post that’s cut on an angle allowing it to slide and fail? or the one that is detached from the “footing” (footing buried under pea stone)

or the dry rot or the notches … Ohhhhhh you where talking about my typing in this little box thingy! :mrgreen:

I thank you Mr. Hammer :wink:

Nice finds, was this on a warranty inspection or was the deck added by homeowner?

It’s amazing the amount of crap built.
I’ve heard from a lot of Client transplants that the quality of construction is so much better where they are coming from, than what they are finding in my area of the country. Obviously, were not any worse or better than the rest of the country.

Deck added by homeowner, REALTOR thought “it looked ok”

Greg, “anything goes in the Poconos” … A saying too man builders live by. I agree with your clients, compared to where I came from the quality of the construction where I live now is severely lacking.

Were the bolts staggered? Can’t tell from pic #3.

Well … not intentionally(imho), all bolts where in the top third of the ledger. no flashing visible either.

That alone is a big defect. Incorrect installation.

Up here a lot of contractors are still nailing … bolting the ledger is a bonus … even if it could cause the ledger to split.:neutral:

Detached decks are a big topic in the deck circles and will become increasing popular over time. Surprised it took this long.

It’s sad, it seems to have to take multiple catastrophic events for something so blatant to become noticed.

Chris, I have to tell you, what I see from your photos is minor problems. What’s the big deal? Show a photo of something that will injure someone if you’re going to claim real problems!

This ONE year old deck WILL injure someone if it’s not repaired Kenton.

Now I could of put more detail as to the size of the deck, in my initial post but none of what I posted is a minor problem if they all exist on the same structure.

34’ x 12’ deck w/stairs unsecured railing and stairs shake more than my gut does when I walk.

no gripable handrails, Doesn’t a diagonal cut support have a tendency to slide even with a “wedge” installed for “stability”?
ALL the support posts are notched by half. A couple of them are not attached to the footings… they swing free.

I know I wouldn’t want my family and friends on that deck.

Sorry I don’t see this as minor in any respect!


Rear Deck (PTL)

  • Substandard Framing and Construction.
  • Recommend Demo & Replace…

Are you serious? :shock: