Panel In The Pantry

Should I be mildly impressed the home flipper used a compass to mark the door swing when he relocated the main panel from the utility room to the kitchen cabinet to free up more space for the washer/dryer?

The home flipper (Who was great at following me around at his agents “suggestions”) let me know since he worked for a christian organization he was exempt for most building inspections and codes.

No working room, write it up.

Nice. I stayed at an Holiday Inn once, I’m exempt. Write it up. Wont be the last…

I did - I just got a good chuckle out of it.

It was a mixture of the man was proud of his craftsmanship but it was wrong in so many ways

Now that’s a first, at least for me.

Why would he be exempt from building codes? are you sure about that. organizations here are inspected when they build homes or repair

Its a special perk from on high Wayne. We don’t talk about it much. :wink:

Wow… I don’t want to take that too seriously, but if you want to give him a snippy response, you can say that the Bible does teach to respect the law of the land.
NEC is a law of the land, and an enforceable one at that…
Refer him to Romans 13:1

I guess Jesus didn’t build according to code. :mrgreen:

I guess being exempt from codes is being exempt from safety. How Christian of him to put people in danger.

It’s that seperation of “State and Church” thingy, misinterpreted and gone way too far.

Your exempt from everything until you get caught with your hand in the cookie jar!

Then they should stick to preaching not flipping , remodeling sounds like a business to me.

If you have ever dealt with Habitat for Humanity you will find a lot of things are overlooked.

Exempt my arse, what a load of horse hockey!!