Pennsylvania Certified Labs?

I found this list of labs:

I didn’t find Pro-Lab listed, even as an out of state lab. So one of three things, I missed them in the list, wrong list, or they are not locally(Pa) certified as a lab.

If it’s the latter…?


Whats the problem?
Do you need a lab?
Try they are my favorite.

Here are some drop off locations or you can mail them.

Hope this helps.

**PENNSYLVANIA - Pittsburgh
**301 Alpha Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15238
phone: (412) 963-7058

**PENNSYLVANIA - King of Prussia
**1008 W. Ninth Ave.
King of Prussia, PA 19406
phone: (610) 337-9992

**PENNSYLVANIA - Philadelphia
**15 E. Uwchlan Ave., Suite 410
Exton, PA 19341
phone: (610) 524-8150


For water testing contact:

Suburban Water Testing Labs

We have been working with them for the last couple of years.

Thank you everyone.

I was looking into their, sample now and ship products they have. I have as part of my service agreement, I will deliver the sample to a certified lab. So I was looking for the certification number, and couldn’t find it.

Tired, daughter got 5 immunizations yesterday, didn’t sleep well.


I’ll tell you a funny story about Suburban Water Testing Labs. When I started Peach Inspections in 1994 we used to use Suburban. There was a girl who ran the lab who was very proficient and a good worker. One day I told her… “too bad you don’t have a twin sister I could hire.” She replied… “as a matter of fact, I do have a twin” Her twin sister Amy has worked at Peach ever since (about 13 years now).