Perfect Hipocracy...

the way the Democrats are attacking Govenor Palin. They all shed tears, when their Hero says, “Change” but Sarah comes along, a person who goes against the status quo, who is not tainted and infected with the standard political lies, garbage, and self interest, that both of the other parties are, and all they want to do is compare her to the known perps and declare as infit and inexperienced enough to hold office. It is the experience that she does not have, that makes her so appealing to me! Sarah Palin - “Change you can trust”

What is this “change we can count on” from a Vice President candidate, who during this election has been nothing more than a McCain cheerleader and who fails miserably to mask her lack of political competence?

Perfect hypocracy …

Republicans, who have relentlessly smeared Obama from the moment he was nominated, complaining about the same being done to Palin.

Is telling the truth about the empty suit a smear?

Considering Palin is about as much of an empty suit as is Obama, it looks like the Dems and the Repubs are even.

Excuse but Obama has to be president on day one.

Palin wouldn’t.:roll:

So that makes Palin immune to the same scrutiny?

Apples and oranges Nick.

I hate to have to correct you Nick, but surely she’s an empty frock :mrgreen::mrgreen: