Pest makes nest.

This nest is larger than it appears… about 4 feet tall and 5 feet across… you never know what you will find when you go where “No one has gone before”… (Star Trek).

Penguins in Texas???

Did you poke it with a stick to see what jumps out??? (for accuracy of your report, of course):stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

Mine was from birds pushing nesting material into the end of the ridge vent for 14 years. Guess they couldn’t figure out why the nesting material was disappearing into a black hole.

LOL…There’s a reason for the term “bird brain”:wink:

I had one a couple years ago but it’s not on this computer.

The screen of a roof vent had a 2" hole in it and the birds just kept putting nest building material in the hole until the pile was about 6 ft high.

Think that’s an attic beaver :shock:

Yep, attic beavers; the worst kind of vermin thar is.:wink:

Definitely a beaver.

Why is there a beaver dam in that attic! :shock:

Ah hell, guess I’m a day late and a doller short this time.

Don’t know about down there in Texas but up here in New Hampshire it would look almost nearly practically (enough qualifications?) exactly like a red squirel nest, except it would be a little big being 4 feet across. But then, things in Texas are usually really wicked big, so who knows?

this is a humming birds nest

Nope. Attic beaver.

One of the worst causes of ice damming in Missouri.

That was made by a farmer who moved to the city, he had to have something familiar to hold on to. Therefore it’s a Hay loft. :wink:

It is a chicken hawk apartment. Definatley from a chicken hawk!

The big black bear needs somewhere to sleep too. :slight_smile:


Speaking of black bears!

Kentucky Black Bears on the Rise!

See any on an inspection yet? :slight_smile:

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