PEX water supply piping in slab foundations

While inspecting a new construction house I noticed a jobsite next door where the construction of foundation was completed and ready for concrete to be poured. I noticed that the PEX water piping laid atop the foundation field was bare and not protected (wrapped) in plastic sheathing. Shoud PEX water piping in the foundation field be wrapped in plastic for proection from the concrete?

How to install PEX Tubing in a concrete slab.

You’re the inspector, are you familiar with the local codes? If you’re not familiar with the codes why are you inspecting new construction?

I see a number of problems. The link that Roy attached to his message is for radiant heat not domestic water piping.


When your name is displayed on this forum it says that you are a non-member guest. On your website it says you are an InterNACHI certified inspector.

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My bad! …

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Thanks Martin for poining that out to me. I did not realize I let my membership lapse.

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Vincent most of my work is new construction or 11 month warranty work. I have a full set of my states codebooks. The information you’re seeking is most likely in your states codebook. I would not perform an inspection without knowing local codes.

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someone who got the certification through InterNachi should be able to use the seal even if they are not a member. as long as they got the certification through InterNachi. Is this not true?
as the seal says InterNachi certified, not member.

Why have a inspection school if your certification is only good as long as you are a paying member.

You cannot use InterNACHI certifications without being a member.

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The CPI logo does not say have to be a current member. I am a member, I earned my CPI. If I decided to not renew my membership, I think I should be able to still use the CPI seal. As it was earned and not bought.

Maybe Nick can chime in here to clear things up.

InterNachi is a school right? They can’t take away your education and certification once earned.

It’s clear as day :slightly_smiling_face:


Continuing education requirements must be met to maintain your CPI status.


I get it, I am a CPI and a member of Internachi, It should just be separate is all. If someone earned their certification, they should not be obligated to keep the membership of the association to keep their certification.

If I get certified at ICA I am certified. I would not have to maintain a membership to keep my certification.

The schooling of Internachi and the association should be separate in a way.
I get it the schooling is free with the membership. That’s great and I love it. But If I was to not pay my dues next year, I should not loose all I worked for. I would loose my certification and all my 180 CE credits.

Just not right.

William you can always discontinue your membership. In my state I am license through the state and I’m not required to be a member of an association. However I see the value of being an InterNACHI member and some real estate agents will only hire InterNACHI inspectors. For the price of one inspection you’ve paid your dues for the year.

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How do you think they pay for all of the continuing education etc? I am not arguing for InterNACHI, but the support you get here cost money. And, they are not going to hand out Certs that they stand behind without having some continuing education standard. A one and done certification would dilute interNACI’s reputation.


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Actually you could still hold yourself out as certified, you just wouldn’t be able to legally use the logos or registered trademarks of InterNACHI unless you’re a dues paying member in good standing.

The only exception, as far as I know, is the CMI logo and use of those related registered trademarks, reason being, not only is Certified Master Inspector a separate entity of InterNACHI, but when you qualify and have paid the fee to become a CMI, you’re a CMI for life.

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I’m going to continue my membership for a long time. I was just trying to make a point is all. It got way off topic anyways.

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So how bout that PEX piping eh??