Piers / Beam

Does this look right?

Steel shims are perfered in Colorado. I would suggest those everywhere. Don’t compress with time or heaver load.
Is that a Cinder Block with fill and rebar looks like it.

I would mention it is not correctly built, but if the beam was plumb I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

Excessive squash blocks…:smiley:

Hope all is well in PA. Joe…!!

are you questioning the support or the beam, or both?
2x’s on the flat glued together? maybe its ok because
there is so many of them.

Gluelam beam is fine.

It is the 2x PTL shims with a piece of OSB that I was wondering about.

Hi Joe,

I would be tempted to call out the OSB shim, as we know it has little to no compresive strength, plus in a damp location within a crawl space it will very quickly take on the charictaristics of wet cardboard, that Gluelam will end up with little or no support.



Hi guys,
I do know what a gluelam is, that looks like a homemade beam.
I have never seen a gluelam with glue oozing out like that. ??

That would be a “homemade” glue-lam, certainly not something a factory would produce. The OSB shims are the biggest concern (IMHO).

I might mention that the support system is “non-standard” (at least what you have pictured), and suggest they get a “second opinion” from a qualified contractor.

I saw some pretty ragged glue lams when they first began making them, and they had dark glue like that.

As Dale said, mention that it’s not correctly built, but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it either.