Pinless Moisture Meter

I am curious if anybody has any recommendations for a pinless moisture meter (obviously, one that works well on drywall). Information is a little hard to come by on the web, and I’m looking for an alternative to my pin meter that marks the walls when used… Hopefully for a couple hundred or less? Thanks in advance.

This cheap gadgetworks fine, if your looking for a inexpensive product.

You want cheap? or professional?

Here is cheap. from Harbor Freight tools.

When it comes to drywall, how much “wet” is too wet? :wink:


             [price was good, but 1 year later doubts]( Review by Jeff                                                                                                                                          
                                                                               I am having problems now with the readings. I keep the  batteries out of it when not in use. I went to use it and am showing 0%  on many woods that should be in the 6-8% range. Also temp is showing 73  when it is 63, and when I put it next to my laptops output fan it is  showing 73 when it should be closer to 80+...

So I have my doubts that it is still working.
(Posted on 12/1/10)
Good but not great Review by Robert Lowman

                                                                               Very good for the price. Battery life was short and reading above 42% would be good. 
         (Posted on 11/24/10)
                  [Would recommend to friends]( Review by Love it                                                                                                                                          
                                                                               Needed a moisture meter to determine how seasoned my  firewood is.   This unit is simple, small and works great.  Best of all  it's affordable.  All other moisture meters I looked at were $100+.   Additional function includes thermometer ability.  Haven't used this at  all.
         (Posted on 11/13/10)

Thanks so much for the help so far. To clarify, I suppose I am looking first and foremost for a professional quality product, but along the lines of entry-level, if you know what I mean. I’m sure a lot of you guys have gone through a few of these, and I’m looking for the best one that 200 to 300 can buy! Thanks again.

You can get this at home depot as well. I believe around 50 bucks. works well on many different surfaces.:cool:

When in doubt, check Craigslist. But not just locally. Here is the link to “Craiglook” that checks all Craigslist ads nationwide.
That is where I got mine, brand new from a pawnshop.

Why skimp on tools? Get a Protimeter Surveymaster and be done with it.


Thanks for all the advice everyone. After much research and good advice, it does seem like the Protimeter SurveyMaster is the way to go. Tramex makes a pretty good product also, but the Protimeter seems to have a lot more experienced users singing its praises! Thanks again for your help.

I’ve been using this Moisture Meter that I did get off of eBay. I don’t normally find my tools here, but I got it and am very pleased. It seems to be very accurate in both Pin and Pinless modes.

This ones not pin less it’s pictured with the cover on. Look at the product manual.

Lawrence. That was posted tongue in cheek. No truly professional home inspector should be caught dead with a cheap p.o.s. like that. :wink:

I didn’t think so but … you never know.

I have one of these, it works fine

Survey Master Dual Function Moisture Meter

I have one too, no problems with it.

I have been using this for over a year, no complaints

**NEW! Tramex MEP Moisture Encounter Plus Moisture Meter **

The Moisture Encounter PLUS is the fully upgraded replacement version of the successful non-destructive moisture meter the Moisture Encounter.

The Moisture Encounter PLUS has all the features and benefits of the original Moisture Encounter including:

  • Non-destructive moisture measurement of wood, drywall, plaster, brick, block, roofing and most materials found in the building envelope using 3 ranges of sensitivity.
  • Deep signal penetration to detect elevated moisture through most covering materials including ceramic tile, drywall, carpet, vinyl flooring, VCT, floor laminates, wall coverings, roofing membranes and coatings without having to damage or puncture the materials being tested.
  • Rubber electrode pads in direct contact with material being tested for better sensitivity and depth of signal penetration.

In addition to all the features found in the Moisture Encounter model, the **New **Moisture Encounter PLUS also makes moisture measurement and evaluation faster, accurate and more versatile with the following upgrades:

  • Deeper signal penetration up to over 1 inch into the materials being tested.
  • Wider range of readings for wood of 5 percent to 30 percent and 0 to 100 comparative for all other materials.
  • Larger clear easy to read display giving meaningful readings.
  • Hold Function enables user to “freeze” the reading. Useful for taking readings when the meter face is not visible.
  • Switch-able “On” or “Off” audio warning tone.
  • Automatic Power Cutoff switches “Off” when not in use.
  • Automatic Default to last user setting when switched back on.

The NEW Moisture Encounter PLUS incorporates the latest digital technology with analog read out and ease of use.

I have the pin type Extech and it works great.Extech MO210 Pocket Size Moisture Meter wit… by Extech Instruments.

I use Tramex. this works great.