Please post a picture of a Double Wrap


If you have a clear picture of a double wrap on a low slop hip roof Please post it here. Please post a large picture. I only have a poor quality one and need a clear one. Thanks in advance.

Humm, are you hanging the picture on the wall or submitting it with a report?
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Call Citizens - they have a bunch of these photos, just give them the job address and they will annotate it for you as well. Just funnin around

The one I took a picture of and counted the nails on with my monocular just is of low quality and I figure I’ll hang this on my wall for inspirational purposes so I can remind my self of my poor photography skills. :smiley:

I’ll try and beat Linas to the punch…

“I think you have bigger fish to fry” !!! :mrgreen::twisted::p:D

I’ll survive.

Come on I know one of you guys have a picture for me. :smiley:


I would give it up if i had one, just so i could use it against you if i ever needed to. lol
Can’t you just take one from say a 5:12 roof and cut and paste until you have the right pitch – use your imagination here.

Not a great pic, but it shows what you need


Thanks bill.

I am still looking for others in the more traditional look. Please post if you have one.

I think the problem is that a double strap on a low pitch roof is not a common thing. Double straps are relatively new, while low pitched roofs are predominently old school. Although i have retrofitted many older homes with 2 1/2:12, 3:12 range, I have never double wrapped one. Not many new homes in my county have low pitched roofs. Did you try to get a picture by accessing through the soffit?

No I got the shot from the attic it was just a way off and not very clear. The sad thing is I am 100% certain and I even verified others visibly. I just did not get that great of a shot.

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Oh Double wrap, I thought you said big mac.

Maybe you should buy a better camera. Mine will zoom close enough to see the lady across the street.

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Please resize photos before you post on the board.


This catalog has pics of what you are looking for.

very good Greg, I am sure Mikey will appreciate that:D

Believe it or not, I did. Guess it didn’t take. Deleted post for your viewing pleasure! :wink: